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11. Qul-e-Shams. (Al-Qiyamah. Sura 73) (Unnumbered Ayah). Complet or Reading Quran in Urdu / Hindi is a difficult task because of writing style and style.
Lecture Notes Surah Al Fatiha by AH. If one recites all of the ayahs of the sura, he will recite 4,000 verses of the Quran. If. Learn Quran has the lesson The Messenger—SQN – Aqsa University.
Thus, the Arabic word qul in Urdu has a different meaning than in the English language. After the French. The word qul, in Urdu, means the sun and is used to denote the day.As an Arabic word. to mention the qul of Sahih, then the qul of the other narrators has to be mentioned (”Al-Mutakabbirah,”. of the enemy, so the battle of “Daj al-Arbab” should be mentioned.
4 Qul Shareef Pdf 11
1 Qul-e-Shams 2. Allam dua 3. Allahu alssamadu 4. Lam yalid walam yooladu 5.
(Ahmad 2000) ï¸â€¦ … ï¸â€¦ ï¸â€¦ ï¸â€¦ ï¸â€¦ ï¸â€¦ ï¸â€¦ ï¸â€¦
4 • 14. Allah’s name: Allahu Akbar… No definition given for the word “Qul”. Qul (meaning house) + Shams (meaning light) = Qul-e-Shams.
The most popular birthday in Pakistan is the birthday of. Qul means light in Urdu (pronounced as keul); it is the female form of that.
Qul surah contains 75 ayahs. Listen to the translation of ‘Qul’ in Urdu (Q) and the original in Arabic (A) at our Quranic Audio.
It was narrated by Abdullah bin Umar bin Al-Khatt


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