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AccuRIP 1.01 Build 98

in the advanced settings page you can set a printer name. add any special strings to the printer name including license and any special area codes for your server that you want to appear when the printer is selected in the print window. in the advanced settings you can also set the printer data type.

most people dont need the product filter. if you want the ability to filter the results and to see the results in the printer window as you search, then select the product filter checkbox. you can also save the filters and filter them anytime.

you also have the ability to set your printer name from the printer name dropdown. for example if your printer name is “minolta® mfp c2050w” then the printer name in this list would be “minolta® mfp c2050w”.

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Over the last 6 months my development efforts have been focused on the conversion of AccuRIP 3.05 to be fully compatible with the new version of Compuware PWC, which we call AccuRIP 3.0x. This is not an easy task as the version of PWC is released yearly and I am maintaining a small team of developers in order to provide timely support. Here is the history of my previous effort.
I first released AccuRIP 3.0x with the dated 24 Aug 2013. Since the new iteration of PWC was not in widespread use, it took me about a year to get it where I wanted it. Initially, it was not possible to automatically convert a 3.05 version, it had to be done manually. However, early in 2014, we began a new effort to automate the conversion process. This entailed converting a 3.05 version, cleaning it up to be compatible with all components of the new version and then compiling it into a production ready binary so the new version of AccuRIP 3.0x could use it.
The task was too big for a single developer, so the conversion was completed by community member Vermunt. Not only did Vermunt make a great job of it, but he has continued to support AccuRIP 3.0x until now.
To our good fortune, there was a version of AccuRIP 3.0x which had been prepped for conversion. In fact, it was version 3.0x.2007 which was the last release of that version. So I just had to contact Vermunt and he took the time to simplify the conversion for me. The good news is that with minimal effort the original 3.0x could be converted to a 3.0x.2007 binary. It took me a little while to understand how to handle the issues caused by including the new versions of Adobe, Corel and Ghostscript but Vermunt was there to help.

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