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If you plan to invest in Photoshop, it’s prudent to use a program such as OpenOffice to test out a demo version of the program for a free trial. Otherwise, take the plunge and purchase the full version of Photoshop at a starting price of $680.

See or look online for the nearest participating Authorized Adobe Reseller.


Any book on digital photography can’t be complete without a discussion of Photoshop, because photography editing is a large part of the job of a photographer. One of the most obvious forms of editing involves color correction.

Color correction involves adjusting the colors in an image. For example, a photographer might want to remove the yellow tint from a portrait taken under yellow-tinted fluorescent light. Or the background color in a cropped image might be too muddy, so that the subject is too much of a distraction.

A more subtle form of editing involves special effects, such as vignettes, border effects, and so on. Special effects have to be carefully planned out and created as layers and then put together.

Many photographers use free photo-editing software that runs on their home computers. For example, Apple’s iPhoto and Photogene are inexpensive and easy to use. Adobe PhotoShop Elements is a full Photoshop clone that runs on Windows, OS X, and Linux. For a more comprehensive explanation of the Photoshop editing process, check out the complete version of this book.


Quite frankly, we’d be lost without graphics in our lives, as we plan, design, and produce material. From comics to web design, from graphic design to instructional media, graphics are a huge part of our day-to-day work. In fact, it’s difficult to call one of us who makes his living from the graphic arts (photographer, illustrator, artist, and so on) “non-graphic.” Many of us also use graphics software, such as Adobe InDesign, to create, print, and manipulate graphics, and there are countless tutorials available on how to use this software.

Of course, that’s just the half of it. These days, you can find many programs that facilitate not just the creation but also the distribution of graphics. One of the most widely used tools of this type is the online image repository service Shutterfly. On its site, you can upload a graphic, add text, and then create an album or direct e-mail

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Here’s a list of all the specialised Photoshop tools that you can use to edit images (and even create graphics):

Tools for editing in-camera RAW images

Tools for editing RAW images

And even more tools

1. Photoshop tweaks for an easier photo editing process

Adobe Photoshop has many different tools for editing images, including:

Adobe Photoshop you can edit RAW images in the Photo Editor section, and you can even use the Action panel to apply a series of edits to the same image (like removing backgrounds or adding filters).

Adobe Photoshop tools for editing RAW images

You can also use Photoshop for Camera RAW and use the tools provided in that section of the application, for example:

To create more stylised images, you can use the Adjustment Layers and the Adjustment Brush.

For more features on RAW editing, you can also use the Effects panel, and you can use any of its tools.

2. Adobe Photoshop’s filters and effects

In Photoshop, you can use the Filters panel to apply effects to your photos and create new images.

Adobe Photoshop filters

Here are the tools you can use to create some cool effects:

You can use the Hue/Saturation, Curves, Levels, Dodge, Burn and other tools to create cool effects.

You can also use the Camera RAW to apply as many effects as you like on RAW images.

3. Clip Path

To create complex shapes, you can use the path tool (the path tool is at the bottom of the tools panel in Photoshop). You can use this tool to select different parts of an image, and you can create custom shapes from those parts.

For example, if you have a photo of a person, you could use this tool to cut the person out of a photo, and you could also create a child’s mask out of that person.

4. Camera RAW and Filter Effects

Photoshop can also edit RAW images in Camera RAW.

You can even use any of the effects provided in the Effects panel in Camera RAW.

Adobe Photoshop Camera RAW

5. Adobe Photoshop’s actions and filters

You can also use Action panels to apply actions and filters to photos.

Adobe Photoshop can apply actions and filters to your photos

Adobe Photoshop 2021

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NEW DELHI/MUMBAI (Reuters) – India’s export growth slipped to its weakest pace this fiscal year so far as new export orders sank, even as the country’s overall economy showed signs of recovery.

The hardening of the rupee and the surge in prices of key commodities such as oil have spurred a rebound in the country’s growth, but domestic demand is still weak as consumer confidence has slumped, business surveys showed on Thursday.

Even as the decline in exports cooled, the value of India’s merchandise exports grew 2.1 percent in January-September, compared with a 14.8 percent rise a year earlier, according to government data.

The import growth declined to 4.3 percent.

Analysts said Indian exporters were hit by higher oil prices and a weaker rupee, which has forced them to sell goods at lower prices and imports to compensate.

“The latest figures show a slight decline from a year ago. The expectation was that exports would continue to grow at a faster pace,” said Atul Dev, senior director at the Federation of Indian Export Organisations.

“The increase in prices of oil and other base cost inputs were disruptive to the growth narrative… Oil prices were as high as $84 a barrel recently. With that, a large chunk of our manufacturers have not been able to reap the full benefits of the higher cost of production.”

FILE PHOTO: Workers are seen loading and unloading containers at a port in Mumbai, India, August 15, 2016. REUTERS/Francis Mascarenhas/File Photo

Exports fell 0.4 percent in October and December, the first back-to-back declines since last July, giving a clean chit to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which cut interest rates for the first time in nearly a decade in August to spur growth.

“Exports have likely been held down by high input costs,” said Dev.

India’s exports grew 9.3 percent in the January-September period, compared with a 14.2 percent rise a year ago, according to government data.

The rise in import growth in August was the highest in nearly five years and suggested that India’s trade deficit rose to a record high of 4.69 trillion rupees ($61.35 billion) in the July-September quarter. The deficit was 5.01 trillion rupees in the previous year.

But the rise in impor

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