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* Starting with Photoshop CS2, the EasyWeave command, detailed in the “Creating Weaves Using the EasyWeave command” section of this chapter, allows users to quickly create a large-format weave pattern from an image in Photoshop.
* Filter can be used to apply the same filter to every pixel of an image, and Photoshop offers a tremendous variety of filters. See the section “Applying Filters” in this chapter for details on how to create filters.
* Adobe provides Photoshop tutorials that explain how to use Photoshop at
* Photoshop’s very powerful text feature, described in this chapter, lets you edit text in a raster-based image.
* Photoshop’s advanced selection feature, covered in the next chapter, lets you select one or more objects within an image.
* Adobe provides hundreds of tutorials for Photoshop, such as

Photoshop also has many other image editing options. This chapter focuses on the most popular options, including the most important features. If you want to learn more about the other features, check out Adobe’s Photoshop CS2 book (published by McGraw-Hill Osborne Media).

## Creating a Vector Image

Vector images are images that use mathematical equations to describe the shape and movement of lines, shapes, or both. (A digital photograph is based on a raster image, which is a grid of picture elements, or pixels.)

You can see a vector illustration (such as the eye in Figure 1-1) much more clearly than a raster image. A vector illustration (of an eye, for example) is made up of lines. In Figure 1-1, you can see the drawing on the left, which shows the lines within the eye, and the drawing on the right, which shows the eye as the basic, smooth shape of a face with some extra features.

Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.0.1) Crack + Product Key

Learn Photoshop

Let’s start with a Photoshop tutorial that will teach you all about how to edit images using Photoshop.

Filter > General > Sharpen

To sharpen images on a computer, you may use Photoshop’s Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen or the Filter > Enhance > Sharpness tool.

Filter > Flatten

This function flattens the image, removing the layers and background information. You can use this tool to make an image appear more professional.

Highlight and Copy Gradient

The Gradient tool is also known as the gradient tool. This tool is used to select a color for an area of an image. It works much like the Paint Bucket tool on a computer. Select the highlight and copy it by pressing Ctrl + C or CMD + C on your keyboard.


You can use the Transform tool to distort an image to better suit your needs. Use the Free Transform tool to make a shape on your image more perfect. You can use some predefined types of transformations and some manual free transformations.


To avoid changes in brightness, contrast, or saturation in the image, Photoshop includes a built-in Gamma tool. In order to make the gamma adjustments to your images, choose Filter > Adjustments > Gamma.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are several shortcuts available for various functions in Photoshop. You can find a list of the most used keyboard shortcuts listed below:

Option + Command + A to select all

to select all Command + Z to undo

to undo Shift + Backspace to select all

to select all Press and hold Alt to access a pane (View > Pane).

if you want to repeat the last command, press Enter.

. To zoom in to 100%, press Ctrl + 0. To zoom out to 100%, press Ctrl + -.

If you have a MacBook Pro and use an external display, press Ctrl + 4 to access the Displays panel.

. If you have a MacBook Pro and use an external display, press Ctrl + 4 to access the panel. Press Ctrl + 5 to access the Paths panel.

to access the panel. Press Ctrl + 5 to access the panel. Press Ctrl + / to access the Brush panel.

to access the panel. Press Ctrl + / to access the Brush panel. Press Shift + Alt + / to access the Hidden Layers

Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.0.1) Crack + With License Key

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What’s New In?

* **The Eraser:** You can use the Eraser to remove bits of unwanted elements.
* **The Gradient tool:** The Gradient tool enables you to create a linear gradient, which is a series of colors, that are blended together. The tool offers a variety of options, including blending modes and angles. You can also apply Gradient Overlay, Drop Shadow, and Inner Shadow effects to images.
* **The Healing tool:** The Healing tool is used to repair small glitches or irregularities. You can use the tool to fade or blend certain areas with a specific color, or remove a specific color from an image.
* **The Blend tool:** The Blend tool allows you to modify or manipulate two colors together to create a new color.
* **The Shadows/Highlights tool:** The Shadows/Highlights tool is one of the most popular tools in Photoshop. It enables you to create a sharp shadow or soft highlight in an image. You can also use the tool to create bokeh, or blurred highlights and shadows, which distort the appearance of an image.
* **The Eyedropper tool:** The Eyedropper tool is used for copy/paste. You can click on an area of the image to copy colors to the clipboard, or click on a color in the foreground or background to copy it to the clipboard.
* **The Lasso tool:** The Lasso tool allows you to draw paths. You can draw a path that includes individual shapes, move to the next shape, and add the next shape, or you can select a path that is already in your image and delete it, saving the work you’ve already done.
* **The Quick Selection tool:** The Quick Selection tool enables you to quickly select an area of the image and then edit it by using the selection as a mask.
* **The Magic Wand tool:** The Magic Wand tool allows you to mark colors or areas of the image that contain a certain color.
* **The Pencil tool:** The Pencil tool is another favorite of mine for editing images. The pencil tool allows you to draw a path, which is similar to the Lasso tool. You can fill in individual shapes or merge them together. You can also draw text inside the path and make any edit to the text you’ve already drawn.
* **The Magnetic Lasso tool:** The Magnetic Lasso tool is similar to

System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop 2021 (Version 22.0.1):

The game features the following specifications:
OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8
Processor: Intel Core i5/AMD Athlon(TM) II X4 650 or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Geforce GTX 660/AMD Radeon HD 7850 or equivalent
DirectX: Version 9.0 or later
Storage: 3 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compliant
Gamepad: Xbox 360 and PS3 gamepad or equivalent
Keyboard & Mouse

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