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In the following sections, we explain the features and tools of Photoshop. We also include some tips on using Photoshop to enhance photographs.

Toning down exposures

Gaining a suitable exposure is one of the most important steps in producing quality digital images. Exposure encompasses shutter speed, aperture, and camera ISO (light sensitivity).

A good exposure is one where the camera doesn’t overexpose the subject. The overexposure of the subject by the camera may result in an unrecognizable image. Therefore, it’s important that you use an exposure setting that’s appropriate for the lighting conditions.

The basic exposure settings are as follows:

Shutter speed: Longer shutter speeds provide the blurring effect of a slow-moving subject. The lower the shutter speed, the less blurring and the more recognizable the subject. With a shutter speed longer than 1/100 second, motion blur is evident.

Aperture: As the aperture size gets smaller, light from the background intrudes into the picture, resulting in blurring. The lower the aperture setting, the less intrusion and blurring. For the same reason, a large aperture setting captures more of the picture’s details.

ISO: A high ISO setting (light sensitivity) captures bright details in shadows and darkness. A low ISO setting (light sensitivity) captures bright details in the highlights. Figure 14-3 shows the difference between high ISO and low ISO settings.

**Figure 14-3:** A low ISO setting creates a brighter image.

Many cameras offer a few exposure modes, including the following:

Auto: When the camera senses low light, the exposure setting is automatically set to a fast or slow shutter speed or to a large or small aperture. This setting enables you to take a photo without thinking about it. The camera has enough experience to let you know the right shutter speed and aperture for the ambient lighting conditions. Sometimes, an auto option is insufficient, and you may need to adjust the exposure settings manually.

P, Tv, Av, and M modes: These modes enable you to manually adjust the exposure settings. Adjustment methods include:

Automatic: Sets the camera to the auto (exposure) mode, but you can then fine-tune the exposure settings.

Exposure compensation: Adjusts the light exposure of the image in 1/3- or 1/2-stop increments up to + or – 3 stops. With this control, you can make

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Why use Photoshop Elements:

It’s fast.

Real-time preview.

Saves you time.

It’s easy to learn.

It’s free.

Download and install Photoshop Elements.

Now that you have Photoshop Elements installed, it’s time to learn how to edit images.

Edit Raw images in Photoshop Elements

In Photoshop Elements, a raw image is a digital photo that is saved as a TIF or PSD file format. You can use Adobe Photoshop Elements to edit RAW files.

Open your RAW file in Photoshop Elements.

To open a RAW file, navigate to the Create new file or open existing file section and select RAW image on the next screen.

To open a RAW file, you can also search for RAW in the file menu or choose Open.

Change the size

Using the crop tool in Photoshop Elements, you can change the size of your image.

Select the crop tool from the toolbox in Photoshop Elements.

Drag a corner to the side of your image.

To select the corner you drag to, hold down the left mouse button and drag away from the selection border.

Drag the area of the image you want to change.

To reset the image, hold down the left mouse button and drag the selection border back to the top-left corner of the image.

Resize the image

The resize tool allows you to change the size of the image.

Draw a selection border.

The resize tool allows you to change the size of the image.

Open the Resize tool from the toolbox in Photoshop Elements.

Crop the image using the crop tool, as described in the section above.

Double-click the resize tool to see the change applied.

To reset your image size, select Edit > Clear.

Add a watermark

To add a watermark to your images, you can use the watermark tool in Photoshop Elements.

Select the watermark tool from the toolbox in Photoshop Elements.

Draw a selection border around your image.

The watermark tool can be used to apply any text, image, graphic, or combination of the three.

To add a watermark to a selection, hold down the Shift key and click the text, image, graphic, or combination of the three.

Click and drag the cursor to add water

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