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Last week, I talked about managed access options for artboards as well as smart guides. Photoshop now allows you to control access to your artboards by default using groups, and you also now have the option to use security and managed access options to protect your most important images.

What? Another update?!? Yes. This one, which we call 2017.1, introduces a bunch of new features and enhancements, including smart guides, the option to use the default brushes in new files, an updated Bridge, the new Artistic Photo Tools (and their App suite), a new UI for masking, and a bunch of bug fixes. The biggest new feature is the new artboards for your images, which now are not only visually attractive and responsive, but also offer a menu for working on your images with different modes. Smart guides, as you might expect, add a ton of new functionality and represent the first big step towards a fully integrated image editing and design workflow.

What are the downsides of Photoshop right now? Well, the rebranding we mentioned above, and the changes to the UI is perhaps the biggest one. And anyone who has worked with previous versions of Photoshop is probably well aware of the difficulty in getting used to something that is a complete departure from the pre-Photoshop-versioning experience. A good part of the experience also breaks over time, especially when you’re used to giving the software certain input and it no longer does that. Not to mention the horrors of a confusing UI. The other big issue is performance. The previous versions were often rather slow, and that certainly did not make migrating all the data from the previous version to the newer one easier. Obviously they have addressed the performance since the last release, but this is another area I would like to see some improvement.

How do I import multiple images into Photoshop?
Importing multiple images is really easy! Just open up Photoshop and create a new document. Then, create a new “layer”. With all the layers you want to combine, click on “Add layer” and you can add them as many as you need.

What is the difference between “Layer Masks” and “Channel Masks”?
In the first example you’ve got a layer in your file, which is normally transparent. So you can see through it.

So, in short, if you value quality in your photography then this app is a MUST for you. Be sure to check out some of the edits in the free version as well. This also gives you a place to upload all your photos to for even more easy editing. There are several different tutorials that you can find in the app and if you would like something specific you can also follow the daily video tutorials in the app. There are also weekly challenges where you can post your photos to the community for editing with other users. A great way to learn and gain new customers. The app is free to download but once it says you have breached your free use period then you have to pay to use the app.

The Lens Correction tool is a little tricky when you first get started. If it’s not used properly, it can really mess up a picture. However, if it’s done correctly, it can be an amazing tool in many photographers’ lives. The Lens Correction tool allows for enhancements like defocus, removing the barrel distortion, and other great effects. It can also correct the field of view that you see when you look through a camera, or simply remove lens distortion too.


The Photoshop team is working to make its features more intuitive and easier to find, but it’s essential that we all keep pushing to improve the design standards for the software. Your feedback and comments will be vital.

Get access to Adobe’s training library for Photoshop Creative Cloud for a limited time. From the basics, to retouching: from Adobe Portfolio to Expert Photo Editing. Your subscription makes it easier than ever to get the training you need for Photoshop.

Photoshop on the web has something for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or you need a little help getting started, our tutorials for both the basics and advanced are a great place to help you get the most out of Photoshop. Learn more at

Explore the free features that make it easy for you to create amazing images every day. Posting to to your favorite social media feeds is only one way you can show off your work. Connect with your friends through Creative Cloud and share your work with your customers. Anyone on your creative team can make web-ready images and mobile-optimized websites while staying organized and up to date. Add a signature to your files to organize your files with a single click. Fonts are free through Creative Cloud, and we work with dozens of third-party design companies to ensure that they are available on the site.

“Adobe is deeply committed to making digital photo editing easier and more accessible,” said Shantanu Narayen, president and chief executive officer, Adobe. “Today’s Photoshop and Photoshop Mix innovations enable users to effortlessly collaborate across devices, including mobile. With a new AI performance engine and a one-click ecosystem, these important improvements are just the beginning of what’s coming in future releases of Photoshop and Photoshop Mix.”

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Adobe Photoshop, launched in 1988, is the brainiest, most powerful image editing software. Now an edition of Photoshop CC is being announced at Adobe MAX –its largest annual creative conference – during the week-long event, Nov. 10-15 in Las Vegas. Adobe also released Photoshop lightroom for iOS and desktop, Photoshop CC fix for desktop, Photoshop Express for mobile and desktop, and more. During the week, Adobe also introduced new features in its Creative Cloud (CC) subscription service, such as Photoshop, Lightroom and other video and design apps.

Adobe unveiled at MAX the Photoshop CC, Photoshop Lightroom CC and Creative Cloud (CC) plans with additional content available on new Creative Cloud desktop apps to cloud services and devices. Additionally, the company announced new ways for designers and developers to feature their work on the web, editing the images and enhancing web pages.

Adobe Photoshop CC, available for purchase for $20 a month, offers the ideal platform to create and share ideas across desktop, mobile and modern web. The application is the premier photography and illustration tool for people who create their ideas—whether it is moving, sketching, planning, creating, sharing, collaborating and more. The best way to communicate and collaborate is through Photoshop and the easiest way to quickly share images is through the Web using a website, phone or tablet. With the release of Photoshop CC for Apple’s Mac App Store, users can now download Photoshop CC to macOS, iOS, browser and all web platforms and mobile devices.

Highlights in the new Adobe Photoshop Dimensions include:

  • The new Photoshop canvas. It’s a new, more intuitive way to work with images and media. Easily customize your workspace and smart tools make it fast and enjoyable.
  • Quick Access. With descriptive, color-coded tabs, tools, and brushes appear faster. It’s a revolutionary way to work.
  • Powerful new features. Photoshop now has new version-specific tools, including a unique precision brush that allows for fine-tuning. There’s a new noise filter and a real-time HDR shortcut. The importance of a one-click drop is important to keep your incoming files organized. And explore layers, the most powerful compositing tool in Photoshop, as never before. And much more.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 has been improved. With it you can:

  • Make quick and easy edits. Easily trim, crop, filter, add artistic effects, and much more.
  • Save more and save faster. Merge photos, remove red eye, and convert RAW images all in one place.
  • Submit your work to the cloud. Easily share desktop files to the Internet.
  • Record in high quality. Create a slide show on the go.
  • Make beautiful web images. With Lightroom and Photoshop, you’re able to publish high quality images that look great in any browser.
  • Save large files. Use Photoshop to open RAW images and save them without having to worry about strange file size growth.
  • Easily edit slideshows. With the included slideshows people are sure to love, editing images, titles, and more is as simple as clicking once.
  • Quickly capture. Easily photograph a digital selfie, create a photo book, or take an action shot with the new Hipstamatic Express. Clone and heal are now easier to use.

With the release of Photoshop 5 in 1994, Photoshop began to create a large demand for programming engineers who provide access to proprietary software. That year, Photoshop was introduced at the Macworld Conference. In 1995, Adobe introduced the first version of Photoshop for Windows under the Mac OS it was earlier released for Mac OS.

In 1992, Adobe released Photoshop for Windows 2. Adobe released a version of Photoshop for Windows 3. Adobe maintains that the development of Photoshop originated from the Unix version of Photoshop created for Macintosh. The user interface of Photoshop for Windows was also a complete design unlike Windows for Windows. The most well-known version of Photoshop is Photoshop CS.

Photoshop CS is the current version of Photoshop. The CS version offers a wide support of layers, tools to modify layers, and a new layer mask feature. Photoshop CS6 bundle was launched in September 2014 and later all the versions of Adobe Photoshop were rolled into Creative Cloud. It comes up with the latest image-editing features and tools. The tools include: paint bucket tool, selections, rectangle selections, lasso selections, marquee selections, layers, magic wand, layers panel, and history.

Photoshop is an advanced tool for photographers – Its features are quite similar to those of Adobe Lightroom, which is designed as the “one tool to do it all” for professional photographers. Both tools may be considered as the digital darkroom, which were originally developed to create high-quality, high-resolution versions of your images. With more powerful features, Photoshop and Lightroom are great tools for any photographer.

Even though there are a huge number of new features in Elements and Photoshop, these two applications are still focused on creating and editing photos. There are a few features which were enhancing the interface, performance, stability and accessibility for users and thus, it became easy to find and people easily understood it. Here is a list of some of the new features available in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements 2020 :

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This document is intended to be used as a checklist for quality implementation of the Photoshop product in addition to the product’s usage policies. The usage policies for the Photoshop product are provided as an Adobe® Addendum (PDF).

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 is Adobe’s latest offering, and the version that is recommended for the average photo enthusiast. It is a simple, intuitive image-editing program that is straight-forward to use. It uses a standard Windows user interface so you don’t have to spend time learning a new interface.

This section provides information about the Photoshop product and its relationship to the Adobe Creative Suite® family of products. The PSD file format, the source code, and a glossary of terms are provided. The Photoshop product is free to use, share, or modify. It is not subject to the same license terms as its Adobe Creative Suite® family members and it does not include the same levels of security and access controls.

The latest Photoshop CC introduces some exciting new features that will greatly improve the performance and usability of your work. With new AutoSave and AutoStyle features you can take advantage of a new and simpler, streamlined workflow.

COPY & PASTE: Improved Copy and Paste lets you select objects and quickly copy them and paste them in other open areas. It is one of the most commonly used features of Photoshop. You can easily drag and drop an element for re-arranging an image or anything else. It’s an important feature of the software and there are different methods to perform this action and some work better than others. It’s one of the most used features of Photoshop.

As of Photoshop CC 2019, you can now add Composition panels to the Tool Options section of your Preferences. You can use horizontal or vertical panels that show all settings for a specific tool, or you can use custom panel layouts that you add.

The new Shape options include the ability to add a filled and a closed path directly within the tool. You can also add an outline path, have the shape automatically fill the selection, and you can use the loop feature to connect the segmented paths to form polygon shapes.

The Easel panel now includes options for grouping visual effects to provide a more visual eye candy. You can now combine effects and create compound filters, while transforming items such as meshes and text — including layer styles — can now reference the page’s background color. The Brushes panel now includes soft-edged brushes, such as hatching and radial gradients. You can now save and load your brushes with the Brushes panel.

The new Active Checks feature lets you instantly check the integrity of a document by looking for common conditions, such as document composition and captions. For example, you can now see if you used captions for all your image layers.

The Layer Style panel now includes options for selectively adjusting Cap and Joins, Stacking, Grouping, blending modes, layer visibility, and irreversibility, all from a single panel. You can condense shadow and highlight colors within the panel to make them easier to change, and changes you make are guaranteed not to be undoable.

The applications allow you to apply all kinds of photo editing tools for your photos. Adobe Photoshop is a number of powerful tools and commands that help you edit any kind of image and graphics.

It’s always important to check if our images are optimized to the best version in order to get clear and sharp photos. With basic graphic designers’ need, Photoshop is one of the best application that designs the designs or images to get it well-optimized. The following improvement features in Photoshop can help users to give a clear view of the image and correct their mistakes.

Some of the latest highlights of the digital editing package include a new feature called Adaptive Sharpen, which uses a multithreaded rendering (that increases performance) to apply sharpening at your discretion. It can be used with all filters by pressing the Filter Info button in the tool control bar. If you plan to edit your image in zoom mode, you can use this tool to sharpen the most important areas of an image.

In a Photoshop world, there are thousands of features provided by Adobe: from assets and brushes to vectypes, themes, video previews, decorations and more. With the new 2020 version of Adobe Photoshop, you can now select grouped presets. This function allows users to change layouts of sliders, settings and uniform options. Also, you can now create custom and user-defined gradients. You can also add and customize text to your images. With them, you can remove or edit text, including changing the font style, color and size.

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