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Scanned images, originals can be converted

A beginner’s initial introduction to Photoshop’s editing tools, layers, and layer masks will, however, begin with converting scanned documents and images to Photoshop.

This is because a hard-copy original is, well, hard copy, and editing an image that was scanned at resolutions of 300 dpi or better generally requires that the page be pixel-perfect, and at such a high resolution, pixel size differences can make all the difference.

A beginning Photoshop user will learn how to convert files to Photoshop from the online tutorials. Once inside, users can create a new file by clicking the New button (top left) on the browser toolbar. This opens the Photoshop Nautilus File System, where users can upload files to create a new file. For example, click the New button and upload an.epw file that you plan to convert to Photoshop.

After upload, click File>Open. In the resulting Image Select Dialog box, click to deselect the entire image, and then click OK. This opens the image without any of the background of the file.

A box will appear as the file is opened, displaying the name of the image and the resolution. The resolution is especially important for e-books to avoid losing pixelated text. Resolutions under 300 dpi are also not readable on the screen at all.

The upper-left corner of the browser window displays a navigation bar to open menus. To the right is a search field that can be used to find files in the file system, and then to open those files.

Because there is no background to a scanned document, the scanned image appears black. The typical background is white. White is the default color of a scanned image’s pixels when opened in the browser’s window.

Photoshop cannot tell the difference between a blank area and a scanned page. For a clean conversion, scrub the image cursor over the entire page. It will keep going if there is not a specific area that needs to be white.

To make sure the entire page was scanned, click to drag a box cursor on the bottom of the browser window. If the white becomes blue, then the entire page has been scanned.

Photoshop can read the types of images used in older books. For instance, the conversion of scanned e-books, Microsoft Windows screen shots, and images of newspapers can be successful.

The only images that may fail are those with dithering,

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It’s not known exactly when Photoshop first became available as a consumer program. But it certainly became an important cornerstone for the digital revolution.

Long before there was the Internet, there was Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop became a standard, a flagship product for Adobe.

Its release on the Macintosh brought about a revolution in the way people edited, transformed, and stored images. The worldwide web owes a debt of gratitude to Photoshop. In 1995, Photoshop was released on the Internet.

Adobe Photoshop® is an American company, founded in San Jose, California, in 1984 by John Knoll. It was originally released for the Macintosh as a graphics suite to edit photographs.

Adobe Photoshop® became the most used graphics tool in the world. It is generally credited with the birth of the digital revolution. In 1984 Adobe Photoshop® was born. In 1989 there was a major update called Photoshop 2. Photoshop® was released for the Macintosh platform. In 1995 it was released on the Internet. Since then, it has been rewritten several times, eventually becoming the complete market leader.

Historical view of Photoshop, with Bill Buxton, Tim Kent-Smith, and John Knoll. Source : Fast Company

Photoshop replaced thousands of obsolete and rudimentary image editing applications. The introduction of Photoshop included important new technologies, such as the paintbrush tool and layers.

It also included complex new features, such as the ability to perform complex color corrections and editing operations, including the introduction of the new HSL color space. Additionally, Photoshop had built in a completely new approach to the digital image, including introducing the idea of using images that can be split into layers.

Modern computers and tools have become increasingly powerful. Digital technology has created a digital rainbow of opportunities. Now, more than ever before, it is possible to do almost anything with a computer.

Photoshop’s power and complexity in 1990. Source : Classic Photo Gallery

Photoshop was used by photographers for everything they did:

The process of creating images with Photoshop began with the introduction of layers. By applying different filters to different layers it was possible to create very complex images.

In the 1990s Adobe Photoshop 2.0 was introduced with the ability to insert fonts into the images. In 1998 Photoshop was introduced as a plugin for the web. The new plugin allowed you to place images on web pages using the new HTML tag. The tag allows you to pass information to a browser.

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Properties of the Fourteenth Time-Derivative of $1/s^2$

This is more of an algebraic problem. The point of this question is to gain a clear understanding of the relation between $h^{(n)}(0)$ and $h^{(n-1)}(0)$ and $h^{(n-2)}(0)$. Note that my previous question was related to understanding the relation between the second and the third time-derivative of $1/s^2$.
Here is the problem: Show the following equality:
$$-5\,{h}^{(14)}(0)=-35\,{h}^{(13)}(0)+70\,{h}^{(12)}(0)-63\,{h}^{(11)}(0)+55\,{h}^{(10)}(0)-36\,{h}^{(9)}(0)+16\,{h}^{(8)}(0) $$
I would like to prove it by induction. I have done the following:
$$-5\,{h}^{(14)}(0)=\\[10pt]-35\,{h}^{(13)}(0)\\[10pt]-35\times2=70\,{h}^{(12)}(0)-63\,{h}^{(11)}(0)\\[10pt]-35\times4+2\times63\,{h}^{(10)}(0)-36\,{h}^{(9)}(0)+16\,{h}^{(8)}(0) \\[10pt]=-70+126-81+44+16 =-5$$
Thanks for your assistance.


You are looking at the $14$-th derivative of $1/s^2$ at the origin. Differentiate it $14$ times by the product rule, then simplify.

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System Requirements:

Windows: 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (all flavors)
Mac: OS X 10.11 and newer
Source: Steam
Key Features:
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