Adobeacrobatprodcserialnumber ((BETTER))



the table below describes the access rights granted to the administrator, and other users.

access right description
create module documents create new module documents using the administration tab and the management tab.
view log files view the system log.
view manage library tab view the library tab of the administration tab.
view log file view a log file.
delete library tab delete the library tab of the administration tab.
delete module documents delete a module document.
delete log file delete a log file.
delete library delete the library.
rearrange library tab rearrange the library tab on the administration tab.
rearrange log file tab rearrange the log file tab on the administration tab.
publish note publish a note, which can be changed by any user.
rearrange note tab rearrange the note tab on the administration tab.
list notes display all notes.
view note tab view a specific note.
view note view a specific note.
delete note delete a note.
adobeacrobatprodcserialnumber [filename.txt]


a comma-separated list of files with which to compare the serial numbers found. currently, only one file is supported.


  1. look up the serial number of the installed copy of adobe acrobat, and determine if it matches. if not, try again with another older serial number. if that’s the case, then return 2.

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version information for acrobat elementnamespacedescription acrobatproductcodename document identifier acrobatproductcodename http://ns.0/ document identifier acrobatproductcodeversion http://ns.0/ specifies the version of acrobat to which the document is associated. the actual version of acrobat might differ from the version number specified here, since the version number reflects only the major version of the product, not the update level. for example, the version number 5.0 is associated with version of acrobat. acrobatproductcodename http://ns.
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