Aerofly FS 2 – High Resolution Texture Pack For Southwestern USA (Free DLC) Download] [TOP]

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Aerofly FS 2 – High Resolution Texture Pack For Southwestern USA (Free DLC) Download]

CODEX – Aerofly FS 2 – High Resolution Texture Pack for Southwestern USA (Free DLC) Download.]

I installed airfile FS2 and it worked fine. But no resource pack could be installed.
i have a new computer with Windows 7 and since it came installed with the default resources and the latest version of FS I can’t figure out how to install the aerofly pack.
I don’t know the proper command to use to add it to the software.


This add-on requires Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator, and the XFS developer version to be used to deploy the new textures.
The download is free.
And you have to use Steam as a delivery system:
From the Airline.
Download and install Steam (free), then re-launch the Airline.
You should see in the sub-menu of Airline the option to “Create a Service Pack” which leads to the menu where you can easily upgrade the flight simulator.
Instructions of Airline FS 2

Download the latest release from the website.
Install the flight simulator and create a startup folder in your user folder.
Download Aerofly FS 2 from the website and open the file with setup.exe.
The installation will start, follow the instructions of the setup wizard.
When the installation is complete, the program starts automatically.


Mac OS X

Download the distribution package from Aerofly FS 2 from the website.
Install the distribution package from the downloaded archive on the hard drive of your system.
Put the folder with the distribution archive into the Applications folder.
Open the menu and select “Eject”.
Select “Core”, “Disk”.
Open the folder where you installed the FS X and select all the files and folders for distribution.
Open the folder “Aerofly FS 2” and select all files.
Click “OK”.
In the directory, which the settings are saved, open the directory called “Aerofly FS 2”.
Find the file “Config.cfg” and edit the entries aerofly_fs.dump_layer and aerofly_fs.bump_layer accordingly.
Save the file.
Open the terminal application and type the command:
$ chmod 777 /conf/Config.cfg


Create a directory under your home directory where you want to install.


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