Amada Ap 100.rarl ((INSTALL))



Amada Ap 100.rarl

The SP6 combines an AP with a MAC for each access point, but it has to be the MAC of a specific one. The SP6-6 provides a total of six access points, of which only three are shown with MAC addresses. And the connections with the access points are only possible by selecting the MACs of the access points.

Now, in addition to the consumption of the AP mini-PC (802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz, IPv6 is supported too) and the installation of Linux (kernel 2.6.39-gcc2/LIBSWSCAN-0.9.8), all others require two GPS receivers (psiphone, gpsd-gpsd, gpsd, or other brands). In addition, you need the following instruments (if you do not already have them): a GPS receiver (turned off the receiver) with a serial port, an oscilloscope, a clock with a serial port, a few meters (simple LC or capacitive meters are sufficient), a TC/timer, a logic analyzer, and your creativity.

RX-PoD and subsequently it is possible to determine its geographical position (time, latitude/longitude) by combining the measurements from a GPS unit mounted on a 10-foot-whip antenna, and the distances established by a tilt meter. A GPS device is required to be connected to the UART of the RX-PoD, and a serial port should be attached to a project and monitor through.

The starting voucher value is: 800 for example, the list is generated by the access point (brand) and device (model) of the access point, and the code will be used on the first visit WLAN, and contains the code / passcode. The default WPA mode does not affect the number of passwords and their requirement, everything is free-to-use permitted by the standard.


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