Amazon Prime Video for Windows might not be one of those innovative apps bringing lots of functionality, but it is or will be responsible for bringing Amazon entertainment closer to Windows users. The app, downloadable from Microsoft's store, is simply put Amazon's streaming service put in a desktop window. That's not necessarily bad, as it makes the route to entertainment very short.
A familiar setting
Although it was understood from the beginning, users should know that even if the app can freely be procured from the app store, the service still needs a paid account for the full movie and TV show package. The app will definitely feel familiar.
The modern interface, the organized structures created to make finding your favorite movies easier, the settings, and so on will make you feel familiarity, mainly because the app looks like the online service and vice-versa. This means you won't have to learn the placement of icons, functions, and settings. These are all exactly where you remember them to be from your online media binge sessions.
Free of bugs and issues
One thing that should be noted is that you will not experience any disadvantages while using the Windows app. In fact, there seems to be no difference in terms of functionality when compared to the browser service. It works smoothly, allows you to browse through your content, select, and save it. A download function allows you to enjoy content offline if you don't have a strong internet connection.
Your watch list is preserved. You can adjust settings such as data quality, storage location, and download content size freely. In fact, it's a great idea to sift through your downloaded material in case you've got your drive cluttered. Amazon Prime Video for Windows is another iteration of the service that is loved by thousands of users. If you happen to own a Windows PC, this app will bring you closer to your favorite content.







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TV content viewing on mobile devices is steadily climbing

The overall number of mobile users who access television content has increased nearly 40% year-over-year. Mobile viewing is still not widely viewed as the go-to option for consuming content, but its growth is speeding up.

Men prefer their TVs to be in their bedroom, while women prefer them to be in their living rooms.

Both men and women use their tablets and smartphones more to stream content, watch movies, and make video calls.

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Smart TVs and Blu-ray players are seeing a comeback. Both men and women have embraced this new technology.

Men prefer to go all-in on buying one device and use it for all content, while women prefer to buy multiple devices.

Women watch more movies and shows than men

Both men and women are watching more content overall, but the numbers show that women are watching more content than men on TV, smartphones, and tablets.

Women watch the most movies and TV shows on their smartphones.

Nearly 3 of every 4 movie-watching and TV-watching minutes are done on smartphones and tablets.

Men watch the most live TV.

Women watch more live TV than men.

About NPD Group

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*DISCLAIMER: Below we will explain all the new features available in this version. If you’re not a new user, this is probably the section you will skip.
The functionalities you’re about to learn will be available to you as a brand-new feature, so you’ll need to install a new extension in order to enjoy them.
Unfortunately, Mozilla does not explain this feature in its documentation. So, we suggest you to read the following for more info:
Firefox New Feature: The List Extension
The List Extension
The List extension allows you to view and manage the extensions currently installed in Firefox. Once you’ve installed this extension, you can find the extension in the Browser menu. To add an extension, simply click on the magnifying glass icon in the menu.
With this extension, you can now sort your extensions by name, folder, website, category, and size.
Your extensions will be displayed as a list of icons:
Sorting extensions by folder:
Once you’ve selected the folder you want to sort the extensions by, you’ll be able to sort the extensions displayed according to their folder:
The more you sort the extensions, the more they’ll be displayed in alphabetical order:
Besides sorting by folders, you can also add the extensions to a folder if you want them to be displayed in a specific way.
To add an extension to a folder:
You can also add a folder by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the menu

What’s New In Amazon Prime Video For Windows?

Amazon Prime Video is a video on demand streaming service, offering more than 100,000 movies and TV shows, including popular content such as award winning movies, series, kids shows, action, adventure, comedy, history and many more genres. With exclusive content from Prime Video library and available on Amazon Fire, Android TV and Apple TV, as well as a wide range of Fire TV and third party devices, Prime members can now enjoy a wide variety of video content, anytime, anywhere.
To get the best experience, please download and update your browser to support WebVR.

Amazon Prime Video has always been a hit with PC users. They love its easy-to-use features and content, but still feel that it doesn't come close to the content available in many streaming services. It's time for Amazon Prime Video to revolutionize the PC streaming experience once again with their new app for Windows.
Available on the Windows Store for PC users
The new Amazon Prime Video for Windows app does an excellent job of bringing the best video and TV show streaming experience to Windows users. It's already available on the Microsoft Store for download and is compatible with PCs running Windows 10.
The Good
A very simple, modern UI and interface
With the app, Amazon Prime Video for Windows isn't a great way to stream movies and shows. The interface is a little bit dated, just like the content on the app. The layout, organization, and display of information is done with short, descriptive text and minimal animation.
The Good Stuff
More than 100,000 movies and TV shows
Amazon Prime Video for Windows gets a lot of the basics right. You can browse through your movies and shows, manage your watch list, and even download them for offline viewing. The app allows you to choose from the full 100,000-plus content available for streaming. It's much more than what is offered by Netflix.
Chromecast support and personalised recommendations
On top of all the great content, Amazon Prime Video for Windows has a feature called "Chromecast-ready". This basically means that you can cast Amazon Prime Video content to your Chromecast. If you own one, it's likely that you already know how to use it. What makes this version of Amazon Prime Video very different from the other Chromecast-enabled streaming apps is that it's completely personalized. You won't see the same content recommendations as other users.
Instantly start playing your downloaded content
One of the best things about Amazon Prime Video is the fact that you can instantly start playing your downloaded content, without having to wait for the download. This saves you time and allows you to watch a movie or TV show, without the inconvenience of having to wait for it to download.

System Requirements For Amazon Prime Video For Windows:

Supported Platforms: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
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