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Android Vmware Image Download

Connect your device to a computer, and pick the Android -x86 image you downloaded. You can verify the uncompressed size of the image by using unzip. Command would be /opt/android-x86-armv7a/out/host/linux-x86/bin/unzip android.img To start the image download process, launch the installer as root. To do so, type /opt/android-x86-armv7a/out/host/linux-x86/bin/android. The rest will be done from a Vbox windows instance.

When done downloading, you have a couple of choices. Pick Install to install Android-x86 on the device. If you want to later remove it, go to the main menu again, select Update, and select Remove to do so. Please note, this tool doesnt show you the list of installed apps. So make sure you download apps you need when you start the device. Note that if you select Reboot, the current system will be upgraded and boot as a new one. If you dont want to do so, enter an advanced mode where you can manually partition your device.

In advanced mode, you can enter your device info. For more info, refer to Android Emulator – VBox VMWare Manager . Then partition the free space of your device. Choose the biggest partition that you’ll like to use to install Android-x86.

install android-x86 in your virtual machine. you can install android-x86 to any virtual machine that supports booting from usb and has an installation image of ubuntu (such as oracle virtual box, vmware, kvm, virtual pc, esxi, or any other virtual machine that can boot from a live image)
or boot the android-x86 live image directly from a usb stick, dvd, or cd
or boot the android-x86 live image directly from a pxe server.


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