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Single-keymacro to launch Timer-Sequence. Creates the menu shown above, and then displays a single Timer, with its own edit box and buttons to launch a Second Timer, a Third Timer, and so on.
TimeAfterTime can also be used as a stopwatch, showing the progress of a time trial. You can specify the Elapsed Time to the point where you want the Timer to start, when a stop is triggered.
As well as the built-in timer functions, TimeAfterTime can be extended with your own code and Timer commands.
Please check out the demo before buying.

Entertainment Manager includes a timer with countdown, popup and lottie countdown notification. You can use it as a stand-alone timer or as a stopwatch.
It supports real time display of count, time elapsed, remaining time, time interval, seconds count etc.
You can choose between display in seconds or minutes. Count is adjustable by using up/down arrow keys.
Time elapsed is displayed with time interval in seconds or minutes (depending on setting). You can show time interval in milliseconds. You can add as many timers as you want.
You can add your own event (name, date, file name etc.) to the list of events.
You can choose to show popup or not, when the time elapsed, and you can show some text or not.
You can set how many seconds or minutes until the timer ends or popup appears. You can set both time and count in one timer.
You can set both count and time interval.
With the Lottie Countdown notification, you can choose the icon, text, tag and status of your timer notification. You can also decide how many times it will pop up and when it will pop up.
Please check out the demo before buying.

The times will disappear, and the countdown will move from 12 to 0 seconds.
With a custom announcement, this is a cool little application, and is useful for keeping track of time limits, or just playing a nice countdown tune for any occasion.
The times will disappear, and the countdown will move from 12 to 0 seconds.
The “how many times?” part is really customizable, since you can use as many counter-variables as you want.
For example, you can show how many times you have left by using one counter, and the seconds left by using another.
You can add any number of counters to 384a16bd22

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Find expired or deleted domains and buy or rent them from a broker. search and contact brokers using premium search tools.
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Lucky Patcher is a free patch for Android users to repair your apps and game.
You can quickly fix the problem of unable to open the game/app or the malfunction of not working in some apps or games.
Your device can be patched conveniently and no root is needed.

Features of Lucky Patcher:
1. Do not rely on patched app to work properly, change your patched app to the normal one.
2. Keep apps updated by checking the latest version in the Google Play Store or the Market.
3. Do not wait for the developer to update the app.
4. Protect your apps and game from theft by lock screen.
5. Save data, your apps/game will not be deleted after you finish patching.
6. Keep your app/game working properly even after you restart the device.
7. Very simple and intuitive to use.

Lucky Patcher also supports Android 4.3 and above. It’s still compatible with KitKat.
Thank you for using Lucky Patcher, please give me a chance to help you.

findAnotherSong came to save you from all those hours of finding songs by playing the albums, by checking all those tags.
What you need to do, is to find songs for your daily playlist by just “clicking” and “going” to another song.

There are a lot of songs which are in your pockets, in your backpack, in your iPod.

If you have forgotten your music folder and it’s located deep in your hard drive, you may be in trouble.

findAnotherSong is the app for you to play your songs without opening the folder.

Features of findAnotherSong:
1. Find another song when you’re playing any music.
2. Find another song when you’re listening to the radio or a podcast.
3. Find another song when you’re reading a book or a magazine.
4. Find another song when you’re doing anything you can think of.
5. Find another song when you’re taking a walk or a run.

findAnotherSong will wake up you when you’re in a certain situation, so you don’t need to look up the song every time you’re in it.

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