Authentic Love Presets ACR ##VERIFIED##


Authentic Love Presets ACR

[Set 10 Presets]
Coffee Couture_ – Smoky Coffee in LR
Unique Romance_ – Aroma of Love
[Set 9 Presets]
Love Love Love_ – Lavender, Tea, Spice
Cute Love_ – Arranged by m8 in LR & ACR
[Set 8 Presets]
Artsy Romance_ – Love Candles, Smells
Surprise&Love_ – A Shooting Package
[Set 7 Presets]
Nostalgic Love_ – Distant Past.
[Set 6 Presets]
Passionate Love_ – Valentine’s Day
Intimate Love_ – Quiet Moments
Authentic Love presets are a set of customized presets that can enhance and specialize in all wedding and portrait related digital .

Ivan Kancheshin is a Russian photographer born in 2001, interested in all areas of photography, but in particular in nature and landscapes. His work is influenced by the unique moods of Russian landscapes, which is a reflection of his strong love for the country of his origin. In 2009, Ivan began learning to work with Adobe’s Photoshop and Adobe’s Lightroom. In 2010, he started using iPhone as a camera, which has helped him greatly in his work. His photography is characterized by a strong accent on natural and realistic compositions. In his photos, he pays attention to the smallest details and tries to add a bit of his personality to every single photo. Today his photos appear in many print and online magazines.

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Authentic Love by Ivan Kancheshin


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