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Software which is used to draw images, houses, boats, cars, etc. on your computer, laptop, smartphone, printer or other mobile devices.. AutoCAD is a very important application from Autodesk,.
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Two Super Olympics

While I’m not a fan of the Winter Olympics (did any of you know I went to the Winter Olympics in Canada as a kid? That was fun.) I am a fan of the Summer Olympics because that’s when, in theory, the best athletes in the world come together. And for athletes, it’s rare to be the best at something, so when they get together, you know it’s going to be a treat to watch.

This year has had two very different, and yet rather wonderful, Olympic events: the Biathlon, and the Flying Squirrels. The Biathlon is a sporting event that involves snowshoeing, shooting, and reloading. Basically, two people have to huff and puff across a 40 km course and shoot a target while crossing a finish line. While it seems to be an event that can appeal to only a few diehard fans, the excitement when these two athletes cross the finish line is very palpable. The two athletes even share a moment at the finish line with the photographers, who take photos and then place them on the web site for all to see.

The Flying Squirrel

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