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1898 – Karl von Osten, a publicist in the East German Politbüro, writes a pamphlet titled Unser Beitrag zum Weltfrieden, calling for Germany to recognize Soviet-occupied Eastern Europe as German. This is the only time an official in the East German government publicly acknowledges the existence of a separate state. For this, he is imprisoned by the NKVD in June 1938.

1899 – An argument between German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck and the newspaper publisher and social reformer Wilhelm von Kardorff in Berlin results in Kardorff’s death. The Bismarck government silences Kardorff’s newspaper, the Berliner Tageblatt, and severely restricts the press in Germany.

1908 – William John Macquorn Rankine (1863-1941), an English scientist, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, the first time the Prize went to a British scientist.

1915 – American social reformer Jane Addams and English social reformer Ellen Gates Starr are founding members of the Society for Promoting Unity Among Women. The three women met in 1888 in Chicago, and formed the original organization known as the Hull House.

1918 – Following the Brest-Litovsk treaty of 1917, the German population of the Baltic Sea regions of Poland and Lithuania is forcibly expelled by the Bolshevik Red Army. The estimated total numbers of people expelled is 1.4 million, and is collectively known as the Rätzer process.

1927 – The Soviet Union is founded by the “Congress of Soviets” following a 24-hour meeting at the Tauride Palace. The Soviet Union was the world’s first communist state, and its formation is the major event in the history of communism.

1937 – The Soviet Union adopts a new constitution, which creates the new communist state of the USSR.

1939 – In Tokyo, the Imperial Japanese Army under the direct control of the Supreme Council for the Direction of the War is created. The Army is organized into three fighting divisions, each of them was designed to attack another member of the Axis powers on the mainland of Asia.

1942 – The United States of America announces the establishment of the Office of Price Administration.

1943 – In Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, the Japanese flying boat fleet is bombed.

1944 – German troops continue to fight

AVID Pinnacle Studio HD 15 Content Pack V2.0 Light MULTi.rar


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The number of birds was in accordance with the previous 1.0 kg group. Compared to control group, the vitamin A-supplemented group and the control group, there were three more hens laying eggs in each group. The egg mass was not affected by vitamin A compared to the control group. The results showed that vitamin A can increase the egg production. This result was in accordance with the findings of [@bib9]. This study was conducted on laying hens. [@bib19] found that vitamin A was able to enhance egg laying in quail. In conclusion, the low level of vitamin A has an adverse effect on egg production of quail. Supplementing this vitamin up to the recommended levels will result in an increase of egg production.

The increase in egg production can be explained by the fact that vitamin A is essential for the synthesis of steroid hormone. Moreover, vitamin A is essential for the synthesis of oestrogen that is needed for the production of egg yolk ([@bib21]). Chicks are not able to lay eggs till the fifth week of age ([@bib24]). The age of the chicks was determined by natural markings on the rump and by the so-called egg test ([@bib8]).

4.2. Production of goslings {#sec4.2}

According to [@bib26], there is no significant difference in the weight of the goslings between the control group and the vitamin A-supplemented group. But the increase of the weight was observed after 3 months for the vitamin A-supplemented group. In contrast, control group lost weight from the third month of age. A similar result

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