Band Of Brothers : L\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’Enfer Du Pacifique Saison 1 VF TORRENT __HOT__


Band Of Brothers : L\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’Enfer Du Pacifique Saison 1 VF TORRENT

In our own case, we have spent six months inNew France, which has been a pleasant, laborious,and painful experience, as many of us mustneeds suffer who deliberately leave their owncountries to better themselves in alien lands, and,at the same time, prove their love of God and brethren.Yet it is a leg of pilgrimage especially pleasing tous, as we were very fast friends before our voyage, andof our own opinion, we were destined to survive.But we are going to admit to our hearts and minds theinevitable truth of what they say, that of allpeople they who set out to travel, and who aredestined to return home, are the ones who are truest-hearted. We will, then, tell youthat since our arrival in this country, we have kept aprestude, although the season is of great scarcity, andnot knowing what time the year was, and in order thatwe might be able to procure better food and clothingfor our own and the others’ comfort, we taught thepeople how to cultivate the land, so that they shouldhave sufficient to find themselves food and clothing;and this hope we kept in mind continually, bothat our own going and coming as well as in the Indianhouses, and before the savages themselves. If weare ready to die for the defense of our Lord JesusChrist, for the souls of others, we certainly are ready togive them our flesh and blood, our life and all wehave.

Your Reverence may rest assured that we faredalright in the knowledge that in any [51]event,the saints, by their prayers, would exert theirpowers in our behalf. We made ourselfsleeping-quarters in the Indian house, which are solidlybuilt, and there we are staying, waiting for thetime to go and find water, meditate upon the granddeeds of the Most High, and listen tohis word, which we frequently sing and repeat underour breaths.

The next day, four young men, all of whom hadconferred with the Father, set out and directed theircourse (southward) for the Huron village of Sandy Creek(located in what is now called Saint-André-des-Monts, Québec, Canada)


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