Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp (Pc Game Highly Compressed) | 125Mb

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GPU or graphics processing unit is a pretty important component in any PC. Not only do they help deliver incredible visuals that make your games look much better than the likes of consoles, but also help reduce and even eliminate the stuttering that’s often a pain in the ass. The problem is that many games aren’t really designed with GPUs in mind, so they’re built with a CPU (central processing unit) — which is just a small part of the story. GPU drivers can help better deliver some of that content to the GPU. We’ll touch more on that later.
If you’re familiar with the world of computers, you probably know that the graphics cards are the brains of the machines — i.e. they make the games you’ll play in Windows look their best. As with the CPU, though, these components weren’t really designed with graphics cards in mind. Therefore, there are a bunch of areas where graphics card manufacturers really need to do some work. They have (and we’ll speak a bit about these over the next few days).
First, let’s talk about the primary bottleneck in graphics, and that’s the bottleneck in the rest of the system as well: RAM. This is the part of the computer where all the data the GPU needs is stored. It’s a problem because RAM is very limited, so you want to make the best use of it. The latest games generate a lot of data — the volume of data in games has grown rapidly over the years. That means that a single game will take up a lot of your RAM.
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