Bbc Compacta English Class 8 Passages Solutions [VERIFIED]


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Bbc Compacta English Class 8 Passages Solutions

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The origin of the word Work is unclear. The original meaning may be something like boring or annoying as it has been used for work to do and its meaning. The definition of work as a job is less than one thousand years old. It came from the Latin word for works. It is used to describe the working of something. A job is something a person must do or takes part in. This was the meaning of the word work in Old English. Over time it took on more meanings. It can mean a business, a position, a profession, or a duty. This usage of work gave the meaning of working and working out. Every task that a person or institution undertakes.

At the time of the Norman invasion of England, a wool trade flourished between England and France and the Flanders. After the invasion, the merchants of Flanders found themselves in competition with English merchants. They found that they were not able to export their wool to England as the English merchants preferred to buy from the Flemish merchants. They observed that the wool which Flemish merchant brought to England was worth less than that of the Flemish merchants and gave it a value. They coined a sum of money that they were importing the wool. This sum came to be known as a Flemish penny.

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The English Civil War began on July 20, 1642. The first battle of the war was fought between the Parliamentarians and the Royalists. The Royalists were organised in Leveller, Roundhead and Cavalier armies. The Levellers were radical democrats who believed in equality and that people should be able to govern themselves according to natural law. In 1649 the Parliamentarians took control of southern England from the Royalists. The Oliver Cromwell, also known as Oliver son of Richard son of Thomas Leveller, who was a Leveller in 1640. He became head of the Army.
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