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chris brown is the first artist i can think of whose album i wanted to hear before i knew i liked him. if rihanna was the vocalist embodiment of the sexy, tough girl archetype, brown was the male counterpart who stood for the idea that you can be an aggressive, tough, sexy woman. and he could never have been more gorgeous than he was on his 2009 album, rated r, a record that so enamored me that i listened to it again and again while i was writing best of. it was the perfect soundtrack for the times; he was the perfect soundtrack for the times. michael lovett

if there was a soundtrack to the death of lady gaga, i cant think of anyone better than bloody mary. apart from the fact that gaga is far too human to be perfectly in character here, the song is its own movie, a psychological thriller with a chilling twist. its opening moment sees gaga trading playful insults with a man with a grudge, before the beat drops and gaga turns into a bloodthirsty, whip-wielding femme fatale, who promises to get even for a world that mocks her. as the beat speeds up, the intensity builds; gaga never loses control, but her desperation to get at the man on the other side of the screen is palpable, and the song is topped off with the most chilling, disjointed ending ever. its the only reason i know what it says in the chorus, but even if you dont, this is by far the best gaga song. kiefer sutherland

if youve ever heard just for a moment, this is the sound of an artist with the ability to change the way you feel about love. the idea that a song can change your life shouldnt be discounted, but this was the song that did it for me. its toned, foot-stomping caribbean house with a massive latin backbeat and a thumping snare that makes the dancefloor quake. its one of those songs that forces a grin to your face from the moment its first hits your ears. the delivery is smooth, the way that caetano veloso can take lyrics like you talk to me, i talk to you and make them sound fresh and cool. and if you want to talk to me, call me sometime, is a song about modern love that would make even romantic geeks blush. and then the next day youre watching a movie about a man and a woman who meet and fall in love by chance in this song that never stops being relevant in some way.

when the internet formed, the dream of the future appeared to be the big petri dish it is today. the entrant was a sound-bite of a song: somebody, probably chris brown, dropping a line about his ex in the same way he dropped a line about his role in the killing of his bitch behind, and the line stuck like a virus. for over a year, chris brown could be found leading the chorus of ex, and he made the case for his status as the sound-bite king of 2011. he held that title for a year before katy perry scored a massive hit with chained to the rhythm about walking on streets encased in concrete, so (at least) that single has been re-recorded in 4k and included here as best. when x came out, it seemed to complete the sordid late-2000s cycle of pop songmaking. the line about punching a bitch in the face was included on some of the songs funniest tracks, and it gave songs like avicii and calvin harris new ways to dominate the airwaves. harry nash
is it possible to take a year-end countdown title, add seven songs to it, and hope that somehow, perhaps improbably, still call it an ’81 list? i don’t know about that. touch down stands as a combination paean to the nu-rap style first found on run-dmcs third album, and a zen ode to how its a positive thing that some of us were lucky enough to hear touch down in real life. does that make sense? the song spins on a two-note loop for all of three minutes, the same two notes, repeated over and over, inducing a trance state all on their own. its a loose summary of how good and how lucky we were at the start of our lives, and the song finally ends as a calm lap of the familiar note, coming full circle, and a gentle expiration. mike rooney

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