AppList is a good site to download cracked apps like Foobux, foob, foobuxin, foobux!, foobux Go, foobuxin Go, foobuxGo, and more. Their updates are quite frequent, and quite stable to boot. They also have a useful feature in that they only allow users with apps of their own to download your preferred game, and that’s of tremendous value to your time.

AppCrawlr is an online website offering free Android applications and games for both Android and iOS devices. It has around 6,000 apps and games that you can browse through and download. The app is free for non-commercial use, however, to use the web app, you need to pay $9.99. The next closest app stores that can be purchased for free are King, SlideMe, and ModApps that come in a close second. Their app update is quite frequent and most of them have excellent ratings from the users.

AdHoc Apk is a repository for downloading cracked apps and games through a unique AdHoc Apk game. All you do is download the app, and it creates a virtual SD card on your device, and starts working to decrypt a number of cracked apps for the device. AdHoc Apk has a lot of different apps and games to download. Some are very popular and are downloaded by a lot of Android users.

Rapoo is another one from of the bigger repos to download cracked games, and all apps as well. Their customer service is always exceptional as they stand firm on letting you download your applications. And their prices are the lowest on the list, so in case you are new to downloads, you can try them out. Their apps and games are quite popular, and if you download their apps, expect that they will be updating to the latest version immediately.


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