BkavCrack.com is another website that provides free cracks for software applications in a lot of different categories. You can download cracks for software programs like Photoshop, adobe Acrobat, Citrix, AVSoft, emulators, and more. We couldnt include all the cracked software that is available on this site so dont miss out on the video games section in our list of best websites to download cracked games, you will find a ton of games with cracks on BkavCrack.com.

In most of the cases the text file contains the installation instructions and the crack file to enter your username and password. You can skip all this if you already know the username and password of your software. The installation will start directly from the crack file.

In the case of some software you will find out a crack file in the zip file but also a crack for the COMBINED PACKAGE. In this case double click on the combined package and it will start.

CrackNLive.com – It’s a nice collection of different software like Office, AutoCAD, Powerpoint, iPhone and Android apps and much more. It provides a very secure downloading process which allows downloading only the exact link for the software you want to download.

YoSoftware.org – YoSoftware.org is a well-known software downloading community that offers users the chance to download various cracked software. You are able to download any type of cracked software from their website like Windows PC, Mac OS, iPhone, Android, IOS, etc. It’s a one of the most trusted and useful online community to download the latest cracked software.



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