ThumpX Pro allows you to download cracked software from more than 15 categories of software like multimedia, ebooks, games, software, movies, movies, applications, and many more. This site provides a very simple search bar to search the entire site and offers a detailed filtering system that allows you to filter by region, license type, serial number, OS, or search by name. Most of the cracked software from ThumpX Pro are free to download, but some are available as Pro versions.

ATS has fast download speeds, and its possible to download the cracked software with torrent files directly from its servers. The upload speed is a little less when compared to other sites like The Pirate Bay. However, the site is quite secure and does not allow people to search for cracked software with out a serial number. They also require that you to upload the crack file or the cracked software with serial keys before downloading it. Its a pretty secure site and users are required to register before they can download cracked software.

KiesKwik has fast download speeds with multiple search options. A search on this site will show you the cracked software for download. KiesKwik does not allow any torrent search. Its only one way search. This is made possible by the community building feature of the site. Users are rewarded with points or karma for sharing their cracked software with each other. A quick search would bring you to this section to download cracked software.

Free GBA ROM Download is a free service that allows you to download cracked, hacked, and free GBA ROMs and other game images for free. The UI is pretty simple and its fast to download cracked software.


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