Frogam is another website that offers you with software downloads and media torrents like movies, tv shows etc. Frogam is quite popular in India for its video pirated content that are illegal in my country. But unlike the huge content that Frogam offers, it doesn’t provide you a good experience when it comes to softwares. So use this site with caution. Just use it for movies and tv shows.

Here comes the perfect website to download cracked softwares like MS Office, Adobe CC, Autocad etc. I use this website to download pirated software for the whole family. This wonderful website have software torrents from different sources and you can download Softwares with crack, keygen, and serial. The secret of this website is that they don’t put old links on their website. Because if a bad link redirects to a different source from where the software was originally posted, you can imagine how dangerous this is. This can be a hidden malware in your machine.

Here come a platform where you can download free software and movies. Here’s the place if you are looking for free softwares and movies. freegenius is a cool and clean website that gives you a good experience when it comes to downloading software. You can browse and download software using freegenius website and can make it run on a number of devices. Freegenius stands out from other platforms due to its reliable and user friendly platform that allows people who don’t have programming skills to download and use software.

Kegs and Cracks is one of my favorite websites for downloading cracked softwares. Kegs and Cracks are another place I use when I want to download cracked software. They only have a few software listed on their website and each one of them is hand picked for the users by their staff. You can download software with crack, keygen, serial, patch and installation codes. But I wouldn’t suggest using this website for some software as its security isn’t secure and it could install malware in your machine.


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