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i recently start to watch my first hd channel however i downloaded a cracked program on to my pc however i put it on and it wasn’t working so
i uninstalled it but idk what i have to do to fix it so that my pc can play it cuz now it won’t play anything at all when i put it on in my dvd player i get a error i don’t know how to fix it i tried re downloading it and double installing it i reinstalled it over 100 time i tried a bunch of different apps to put on it and i tried all of them still doesn’t work i am using my smart tv as a dvd player i have a smarttv alpha only and it works fine for everything else except the programs that i downloaded and installed on my pc is it possible for it to still be in my pc or for the tv to boot it it’s a media center i watched it on a laptop there is no media center on my smart tv do i need to download another app and a new software to watch tv on it. Can you please help me out please if anyone knows please reply. offers a large amount of cracked apps for Android and iOS devices. As you search for apps to download, will show you a list of cracked apps with ratings. Chose the program you want to download and then click on the “download” button on the right-hand side of the screen.

I believe you can help me.
Ive been trying to download cracked applications from CrackedApps and like what Ive been doing for a long time, the result is really bad (if youd use crackme apps)
For some reasons, after you click on a cracked application from the above website, a message will popup on your screen after it is successfully installed, and something like that appears. (example)

I tried to download several apps, its like this. I checked with my ISP, and the connection is quite fine,
I even reloaded the webpage time after time, but with no luck.
Are there any tips to deal with this problem?


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