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4GB of RAM, which was an unfathomable amount when CPUs were first designed, is still a workable amount of memory for light use. However, as component prices continue to drop, low-end machines keep shipping with more RAM. Eventually, this will make 32-bit systems completely obsolete.

Beary Special Mini National
Nov 10 – Lansing, Michigan

Beary Special is judged ONLY on facial Beauty and Personality!
NO modeling scores – NO clothes score!

ALL Events $395
If paid by Sept 1st, 2007

Overall High Point – Carnival Cruise for 2
4 Supreme Winners – $500 Bond
3 Mini Supremes – $300 Bond
1 Overall Talent – $300

All titles above will receive $500 bond towards nationals,
a gorgeous crown, monogrammed banner, and a plaque with onstage photo

Need more info
Cheryl (615)384-4611

Vendors Attending

Hair & Makeup
Melissa & Jennifer –

Melissa & Jennifer –

Diamond Grafix –

Email banner maker diamondgrafixgmail to be added as a vendor

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The biggest disadvantage of 64-bit is that many of the software components, including the CPU drivers, were designed for 32-bit systems. That is, 32-bit CPUs are not compatible with 64-bit operating systems. Thus, you must use special drivers to emulate the 32-bit drivers on your 64-bit system. This only makes sense if you are planning to use 32-bit software on your 64-bit system.
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