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Delphi: Setting a button state in a combobox

I’m trying to make a procedure that will match the combobox selected index with the button state.
Here is what I’ve tried so far:
procedure TfrmReport.cbPricelookClick(Sender: TObject);
I: Integer;
I := StrToInt(cbPricelook.Text);

if cbPricelook.Index = I then
btPricelook.Caption :=’match’;
btPricelook.Caption := ‘not’;

btPricelook.Caption :=’match’;

I’ve tried all the if cbPricelook.Index = I then statements I can think of but nothing seems to work.


You have a couple of problems. First, it is absolutely necessary that the single quotes be removed from the source strings, and that the StrToInt() function return an Integer. In Delphi, String constants are strictly typed, and the type of the other functions is String.
var I: Integer;
I := StrToInt(cbPricelook.Text);

However, the Index property is not set until the control is created. The Index is assigned when the user types something into the control, and it is set to the value that is typed if nothing is typed. It is not set when the control loads. The problem is that your Caption variable will set the Caption of the control to’match’ before the Caption property has been set, and that sets the Caption property to’match’ instead of matching the combobox index.
if not cbPricelook.Index = I then

The simplest solution is to add a OnChange event handler to the combobox control and do the business logic in the handler. The following shows the event handler, and if it is not clear what you have to do, it should be.
procedure TfrmReport.cbP


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