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how to pass a for loop index in a closure in swift

so I have a UITableView and want to pass the index in the for loop a closure.
I want to add a menu item to the table view with a button and the rest of the information from the item is in the rest of the array.

for (index, menuItem) in menuItems where menuItem.title.isEmpty {

let button = UIBarButtonItem(title: “\(index)”, style:.plain, target: self, action: #selector(pressedButton(_:)))

self.navigationItem.rightBarButtonItems = [button]


how do i pass this index in the closure to be used in the tableview?


I do not know why you would want to use a closure here, but…
You need a variable to hold the index, and it can be passed as a parameter to a function.
If you use a “for-in” loop, you can create the variable with a “let” statement in the loop.
If you use a “for-in” loop with a “for-in” loop, the variable must be created outside of the inner loop.
An example:
var index = Int() // for-in loop

for index in menuItems where menuItem.title.isEmpty {


As index is passed as a parameter to the function, you can use it in the function.


MySQL – find the most recent row for each user

How can I get the most recent row from my mysql table for each user?
Basically I want to get the last login date for each user (called user_id), but I don’t want to select the entire row, but only the date field (called date).
If I do this:
SELECT * from information

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