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There were a lot of people who thought that Bon Iver was going to be a one hit wonder, though they may have not heard what they should have heard. They should have listened to his song, “Prelude.” The song was short, it was not a verse song, but it was a song that he had written the year before, well before he had released any albums. It was just something that he was working on at the time. He wanted to see what it sounded like, so he put it out on his website. While it only did a little bit of radio play, it was picked up by other blogs, and people started writing about it and talking about it. And it was not just in the indie blogs either.

Jake Hurwitz: “So excited to be doing this Bon Iver reissue, my favorite band of all time and one of my favorite albums of all time. I feel that I can do the album justice in the new setting and the package will be something special”.

Since the time of Bon Iver’s debut album, For Emma, Forever Ago, in 2008, the world has changed dramatically. The industry’s fortunes are in shambles. Many previously successful labels have closed and consolidation continues. But many of the musicians of Bon Iver have survived, finding new success in the streaming era with new releases.

analog heart is the second studio album by the english indie pop band, bon iver, released on 25 april 2007 in the united kingdom. the album, recorded in 15 days, was released on the band’s own label, jagjaguwar, in 2007. the first single from the album was “holocene”, which charted at number 15 on the uk singles chart.

the band, which is based in eau claire, wisconsin, gained a larger following through the release of its debut album for emma, forever ago, which was released in january 2007. the album, which was produced by john agnello, received generally positive reviews from critics, and was placed at number 16 on the year-end list for billboard”s top independent albums chart.

the title for the album comes from a passage in the book the odyssey by homer, in which odysseus is told that the gods will never allow him to return home. bon iver also named the album after a passage in the book for emma, forever ago by john berger, which begins with the line: “it was the year 2000. the last thing i remember is a summer evening. in my bed, i am not sure if i am alone or not.” in the liner notes of the album, bon iver’s co-writer and frequent collaborator justin vernon wrote: “this album, i believe, is a premonition of the end of the world. i hope it is only a dream. if it is a dream, then i am both the hero and the monster. if it is true, then i hope it is only a nightmare, and i will wake up and everything will be all right.” the album was co-produced by vernon, with the exception of “the last song”, which was produced by jason molina. several key aspects of the production of this album have been compared to that of albums by arcade fire. vernon described his motivation for creating the album, “i’m trying to control and understand what it is that i’m doing. i’m trying to take these songs and make them kind of logical and coherent.” the album features a number of folk instruments, such as guitar, banjo, and ukulele, and many of the songs are sung in a folk style, with vernon singing in a falsetto voice. the album was re-released in a remastered form on may 24, 2010, as part of record store day’s black friday sale. “holocene” was made available as a digital download on april 15, 2008, on itunes.[3]
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