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The best game ever.


It’s funny how this game made me laugh out loud. I have a few friends that I play my favorite Super Mario game with.

J. T. Walker

My favorite game to play with my friends. I do like to play it with a friend and we just yell, “Forager!”

Sassy 9
Dan O’Brien

I love this game it is funny and every 10 minutes or so we get to play it for about 5 minutes. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes to play video games.

Fatima Najjar

Just another game that makes me laugh!

Sassy 9

I love this game it is funny and every 10 minutes or so we get to play it for about 5 minutes. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes to play video games.

Street Fighter 5’s story mode is equally impressive. In a nutshell: Street Fighter is home to a smattering of fan-favorite characters who have their own backstory and motivation. Before we get to that, we need to talk about Ryu

There’s no point in counting up every GTA title there has been over the years. Because let’s face it, Grand Theft Auto has been released in literally hundreds of versions and iterations. The original game debuted all the way back in 1997, and it looks like it’s still getting an occasional update today. But this year,

It’s easy to criticize the D-pad on the Switch. And if that’s all you’re going to do, you can always just go into the settings and turn off the D-pad entirely. However, it’s just not that simple when it comes to playing Super Mario Odyssey.

The PSVR and Vive VR headsets give the player a really neat experience when it comes to Mario games, but this level of immersion has come at a cost. Since the player has to look down at their feet, they’re not seeing the full field of play, or some of their

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When the logic does not always work, you can always use the LAPTOP instruments to assist you discover the root cause of an issue. Whether it’s bringing up a window to give you assistance or opening your browser to make the most of the Net, LAPTOP is among the instruments most of us make use of each day.


Should You Blow Two-Thirds of the Chunks’ Your Hard Drive?

One in each 5 hard drives (32GB variety) have outages between 15%-200%. With such a huge variety of hard drives on the market today, finding out whether or not you can expand your hard drive is quickly and simply as much of a guess as it is a science.

LAPTOP magazine has a series of steps which can assist any computer enthusiast find out whether or not they can extend their memory (or hard drive).

Step one – Get a laptop

The first step in planning to expand is figuring out whether or not you want to build a completely new computer or if you want to upgrade a laptop. LAPTOP suggests opting for an upgrade over a new laptop as these two tend to run more costly than a laptop and you are not confident how much you may want to expand it to.

Step 2 – Start by testing your hard drive

Checking for a hard drive difficulty is quick and straightforward, and it is done by constantly changing the drive until you reach 1 in every 5 occasions or a threshold that the drive’s head is moving. This sequence only takes approximately 1 minute.

Step three – Determining the issue


If the 1 in 5 test doesn’t identify any trouble, then the issue is just outside the hard drive itself. A trouble this is can be repaired with a brand new hard drive (considering that it is out of warranty) or by changing the hard drive.

Step four – Deciding whether or not to replace or add

If the hard drive does appear to be bad, the next issue is whether or not to obtain a new drive and have a new one put in, or whether or not to add an extra drive to your current computer. This decision is simple.

If you’ve got a hard drive that works, it is not much more expensive to have your computer updated with one that works than

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