CGMA € Character Facial Sculpting With Dmitrij Leppee

At first, I also doubted myself. I was shocked with the concept. I was a realist, and in the worst case, I would paint a realistic person. I chose the more sophisticated path and ended up creating a character. Ive got a lot of appreciation from students. Ive got a lot of inputs from them that I could not have imagined, and most important, I got a lot of constructive feedback from fellow students. I believe in the learning theory. I believe that if we are interested, if we are motivated to learn, and if we have enough resources, we will learn. All the businesses do that by providing the necessary infrastructure for us, teaching us, and providing us with the necessary toolset. CGMA is an excellent learning platform for the creative professionals.

Dmitrij Leppee’s teaching style is vast, complete and detailed. The course material is both informative and efficient. Highly recommended!

Learning new techniques and styles can be challenging. Dmitrij is always prepared to take a little longer to answer questions. He has a very good personality and is approachable. He has taught me many techniques that I never knew existed. I would highly recommend this course to any artist looking for artistic knowledge.

Dmitrij is also a very helpful teacher. He always gives comments to improve the work. He is a great person to have as a mentor.

Its been really helpful for my learning. Very deep and useful insights into my work.

Dmitrij is an amazing person. The depth of his knowledge and passion for his art is beyond belief.

Dmitrij is incredibly generous in sharing his knowledge. He answered every question I sent him as if I was the first person to ask. It really feels like I’m studying with a long time artist.

Dmitrij is incredibly easy to talk to, he makes you feel at ease during the talks. He is extremely patient and open to your questions and to hear what you have to say.

The course is great! In it I learn a lot and was always getting new and inspiring thoughts when I am working on my characters. The course is very thorough and I got a lot of answers to questions which I was having for quite a long time. I think that the course will significantly help someone who wants to be more creative in their 3d work. So, if you want to know a lot about 3d and you want to be creative, I strongly suggest you to sign up for the course! I think that Dmitrij is a great teacher who takes his time to understand your questions.
Liked this course. I learned a lot from this course. Because of Dmitrij`s constant feedback, I was able to improve a lot in my work. The course is very well organized and the teacher is very friendly and helpful. I liked the fact that, after each assignment, I got feedback from Dmitrij, and that my questions were answered and that I was provided with additional resources. Dmitrij seems to be a true artist with knowledge and expertise.
This is the most popular course that I offer, starts on September 26, 2016, and runs through December 13. The course is a four-week course that focuses on advanced character facial sculpture. This is a great workshop for the artist looking for the fundamentals of character sculpting in the digital medium. This course requires daily, dedicated work from day one. Studies the fundamentals of character sculpture using realistic muscle structure, skin and underlying bone, and the skull and neck. Studied in a three-dimensional drawing program, and then sculpted in ZBrush, often on the same day. Studied in a variety of poses – lying down, standing, and sitting. This course is also available with a payment plan.

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