Cheat Koin Cf Indonesia !!HOT!!


Cheat Koin Cf Indonesia

Additionally, enter the versus menu and load a profile for each player. Press R2 to display the wager screen. Then, max out the wager for one Koin type and select “OK” on both controllers. Back at the character selection screen, unload one profile then reload the same profile. Then, alternately unload the second profile and reload it. Press R2 to go into the wager screen again. If done correctly, you both should have won the amount of coins wagered. Repeat this for this same Koin type until you are satisfied. Then, wager one final time for a few Koins and finally complete a battle. After returning to the character select screen, you must press Triangle to exit out and re-enter the versus menu. Repeat this for the other Koin colors. Note: Once you have 1000 Koins for one color, fight and save and redo it for the same color so you increase at a rate of 1000 Koins per profile load/unload. Then, repeat at about 10,000, so you get 10,000 per battle rather than 1,000 and so on. Also, when wagering hold Up on both controllers to increase the rate the Koin Kounter rises.

Use the “Repeatable Koins” trick, then press R2 on controllers one and two to display the wager screen. It should be on Onyx Koins. Change the type of Koin to Sapphire, and a large negative number should appear. Then, change the type to the Koin of your choice and press X on controllers one and two. Press R2 on controllers one and two, and you should see the same number of 1000000 for the Koin you just set the wager for. Change the type of Koin being wagered to either of the ones that say 1000000 and a negative number should appear again.Cchange the type of Koin to another that you want to have unlimited of. Then, repeat for all the Koins so that they all say 1000000 and make a wager of negative Koins. Do a fight, have either player win, and both profiles will have unlimited Koins.


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