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Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Update CODEX, FitGirl

pursue victory through the ages! the game includes the same great features and is set in the same historical world as civilization vi, but the settings and gameplay have been re-imagined. discover the wonders of the renaissance era and learn how to play as the leaders and builders of the ages. with new units, civilizations, cities, and ideas in play, youll never look at history the same way again.

the core game features:

  • multiplayer, which allows players to test their skills by building their own unique game world. players have a simulated 24 hour time limit to build their world and compete online with other players using the…same game.
  • compete to become the world s greatest ruler. will your species survive? or be conquered?
  • engineer the future — create and share your own unique world, then watch as it develops over time.
  • rules are customizable — enjoy simple rules that allow for freedom of choice, while still ensuring that every player will have a challenging, but fair experience.
  • a huge world — with dozens of features, including thousands of cities, seven unique civilizations, powerful leaders, many types of buildings, wonders and gameplay.

featuring more than 100 different units, 500 technologies, and 20 unique leaders, civilization vi is the deepest and most strategic grand strategy game of them all, and takes place in a timeline spanning more than 10,000 years of history. as ruler of the world, your actions will impact more than just your immediate surroundings as they ripple out across the entire world. make use of the environment to your advantage, create powerful armies and navies, conduct research to unlock exclusive technologies, wage war against your rivals, and forge the most influential civilization the world has ever known!

Mental and environmental disasters also cause widespread damage and rising fatalities as the armies of Mentals and allied factions spread across the planet. The fate of each Civilization is now tied to the fate of the entire world. Preventable disasters in each city can lead to Civil Unrest and destruction.
The Mentals used the Gathering Storm update as cover for their invasion. The Colonization technology removed some of the restrictions on city growth, but now Mentals can poison entire cities as they fight for resources and the atmosphere. Where do you stand as the Mentals attack your cities?
Never before have you been able to gather, raise armies, and win the World Congress before any other leader. In Gathering Storm, the only way to win is to alter the dates of the World Congress in your favor.
Playing as a female leader does not work as expected in the Gathering Storm update. Female Leaders are not treated in the same way as other leaders on the game board and, for example, prevent the settlement of an additional allied City State. Equally, female leaders have reduced production and reduced military and cultural bonuses, making them less effective leaders.
You are now able to rename cities, their factions, and other players. You can even create new factions from the alliances your players have established. Do you want to give your factions a new name and a new feel? If you have the technology, you can even make your own elements (such as gold or cydroids) with e-labs. You can even completely change the appearance of your civilization, adding a new look to your faction. Its all up to you!

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