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Antique (18th century) photograph of a ship, probably British?

I do not know much about Antique ships and such so I am not sure whether this photograph is actually an antique or a reproduction. I think the sail at the front is set on a rudder rather than a pole mast. Can anyone tell me if this is an antique image? I found it on a website that’s been up for over 10 years. I also found it on a site that seems to be out of business and want to make sure I can sell it.


I could not immediately find any more information about this image, so I have started a model of the First Blackburn Fairline. (This is a conservative reconstruction based on the surviving hull plan and the famous statue of William Fairlie, 1st Earl of Westmorland, as “Steator”, or sea-beast.)
As can be seen from the sketch (1), this is the rudder on a mast pole, with the rudder itself being mounted rather close to the floor of the hull. There is a cannon on the foredeck, and a fo’c’sle which looks like the one seen in the image; the builder’s name can be seen on the fo’c’sle.

The hull design seems to be fairly conventional, but there is an interesting variation in that the fore and aft sails are not always placed the same distance from the stem, sometimes the two sails are closer, and sometimes they are farther.

The rudder is a hand-winch type, which was a common design in the 18th Century.

Another similarity between the image and the Fairline is the boom reaching to the starboard side, much like the boom for the John

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