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What is this? I’m using ngrok to help me develop this app, but something isn’t right. This is the error I’m getting:

GET 404
ngrok http 8080


ngrok is a great app that basically does all of the HTTP communication for you, and it does a lot more than what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to do something that it was never designed to do.
More specifically, ngrok cannot make any of the calls to as it’s not on the public Internet. It’s usually useful to ngrok apps on a private network that allows Internet access. You can’t do that with ngrok.
You might try something like this:
ngrok http 8080 -server=:80

That will launch a tunnel to port 80 that’s outside your local network. Then your app can start making calls.
Finally, you can use curl or another tool to communicate with the endpoint. You don’t need to go to an “outside” port if you have ssh access. If you have public access to the server you can use:

and then your app can do the same thing.

In the telecommunications industry, optical connectors are used to interconnect various communication devices. For example, field installable, pluggable connectors are generally employed to facilitate changing of defective components, or to reconfigure a system. In a typical pluggable connector arrangement, a male connector is plugged into a female connector of a different configuration. That is, a female connector of a first type is plugged into a female connector of a second type. However, this arrangement may not allow for some flexibility in design. For example, a subassembly of a first type may be used with a backplane or other printed circuit board having a second type of configuration.
Accordingly, it would be desirable to provide a connector and method of interfacing with a backplane that allows for some flexibility in design.Marissa,

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