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“Old” with “New”: Spider-Gwen and Carol Danvers in the new “Wolverine”

Do you remember that old Stan Lee commercial where he’s on the phone giving a heroic eulogy to someone who just died. He’s telling the story about a guy named Sivana.

At some point, Stan Lee asks if the person on the other line is a woman named Carol.

“Oh yes,” she responds. “I’m Carol Danvers.”

“She’s Carol,” Lee says. “And she’s going to save the world.”

New comics are popping up. Two of my favorites, “Wolverine” and “Spider-Gwen,” feature women as the lead characters. And both feature less of an emphasis on having the most powerful man in the world on one side or the other. It’s just a different take on how we tell stories about our heros and the people who help them.

In the case of “Wolverine,” it is a woman. A strong woman. Made of flesh and blood and can be hurt, just like any of us. Though Chris Claremont’s characters are all about power, they’re not always about how easily they can defeat the average man. Women are also being given the power behind the scenes. “X-Men: Days of Future Past” showed what could happen when the X-Men return home.

In the case of Spider-Gwen, it is the daughter of the Fantastic Four. And not just any daughter. Gwen (her name is short for Gwendolyn — which is my daughter’s name!) is strong and smart. She’s also a hero, with incredible superpowers.

And even more, these women are having their own storylines and doing their own thing.

“Wolverine” has Jean Grey.

“Spider-Gwen” has Spider-Gwen and Iron Fist.



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