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link: liquid sine wave by liquid sine wave
liquid sine wave is an ambient experimental music project that creates a deep, almost hypnotic background for your favorite games and media. the music is created by combining the sounds of a kontakt 5 instrument, u-he sky synth, synthesizer 1, synthesizer 2, and waves samples. the piece can be downloaded for free on soundcloud.

link: dream song by dream song
dream song is a journey through the realm of the subconscious, a song that would put you in the right mood to start another day. it is a melodic composition that combines the sounds of a kontakt 5 instrument, synthesizer 2, and waves samples. the piece can be downloaded for free on soundcloud.

avengers game is a console style game which has been made for the pc, mac and linux. download avengers game free download.
marvel’s ultimate super heroes brawl and dash through multiple arenas and vehicles as they battle their way across the world to save earth from the powerful villains of the marvel universe. avengers game is a realtime action game which is developed by avengers game and offers us amazing animation and graphics.

some of the best games weve seen on the pc this year, such as game of thrones season 2 episode 2 and infinity blade 2, are also free. all of these games are available at no cost, but weve added a few more just to round things out. when youre done with these games, make sure to check out the rest of the pc game releases, including pc game free download, and be sure to check out more top games like game of thrones season 2 episode 2.

link: download aurora by fluffy audio aurorror is a horror cinematic and hybrid free kontakt library derived from fluffy audios famous kontakt library aurora. despite it being a stripped down version of a premium kontakt instrument, this free library still delivers on usability and sound quality, making this a handy tool that provides excellent results with impressive sound quality. aurorror comes with more than 25 unique sound sources, 13 different modulators, an arpeggiator and polystep modes. the instrument allows you to layer up to 3 sounds, each one with its own set of parameters that can be adjusted independently from other layers to better shape your sounds. the presets can then be easily saved via the kontakt menu.
link: download d-d-d-damp by voodootrap this is the complete version of voodootrap damp library. no need to download the demo version. damp is the only authentic audio based metal style bass amp simulator for kontakt, with more than 16 unique amp models. this library offers a wide range of different amp models, from different speaker cabinets, power supplies and transformers, and also includes a lot of controls that can be easily set via the patch editor. you can find an overview of the included amp models in the library description. you can also download the full damp demo version as archive. you will find all the demo patches in the library folder along with the full version.
link: download musique pro by samuel andes musique pro is a free total of 9 kontakt instruments, each one with a unique sonic signature. each instrument is multimode and is able to play in polyphony. each mode offers a rich set of parameters for full control over the tone. the library comes with a kontakt player script that comes with preloaded patches to get started.

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