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Hi Guys,
I would like to share with you this video with some cool gaming action and funny moments:


Entity Framework: What’s the deal with code-first?

What’s the deal with Entity Framework? Should I be using it for anything besides data access? Has it made sense for me to try to use it as a prototyping/mockup tool to wire up to my database?


Entity Framework is meant to be used for data storage and retrieval. It has a lot of powerful features and does some things for you, so you wouldn’t need to roll out a bunch of your own stored procedures.
That said, I don’t agree with your warning that you shouldn’t try it as a mockup tool, because I think it can be used for that as well. You can tell EF to only return the basic properties of your objects and even to not map the non-property object members in the database, so you can use it for prototyping the business layer of your application. You can even use LINQ for queries and you might get some database caching benefits.
EF is also really neat if you want to do automatic data change tracking, because the many-to-many and one-to-many mappings can be integrated with the Update method on your DbContexts. The changes to your entities just get inserted or updated into the context and EF will track the related items for you, so you can just do a SaveChanges and EF will take care of the changes for you.


Disclaimer: I’m the leading architect and owner of the Entity Framework team at Microsoft.
The Entity Framework is not a “solution”. It’s a framework. And what it does for you is to create a set of tools you can use to work with your database (and to create your database models).
It can also work like a “mock-up” because you can use it to generate your “domain logic” classes. This is the “abstraction” mentioned by SVN in the comments.
It’s hard to judge why you shouldn’t use it to create your database schema first.
This question already came up before, here is a very good and broad article on it:

Entity Framework is not a database management system – it’s an object framework

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