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Disable IIS recycle worker process

I have a MVC5 application running on IIS 10.0.19058.494
On a given day, we’re getting a bug where an ASP.NET request will reuse the same connection string for a db connection.
I have not researched this issue in depth yet, but my current theory is that it has to do with recycling the worker process.
In IIS, one can delete a pool of worker processes when they are no longer in use. The procedure to recycle a worker process is to first stop the application pool. Then, manually delete the worker process using the task manager. Finally, start the application pool again.
This procedure seems to be possible for any IIS configured application running on the server.
Question: Is there any way to disable recycling the worker process when an ASP.NET request is in progress?


In IIS Manager, under the Application Pools section, open the Application Pool that the application is using. Under the Advanced Settings tab, in the Idle time-out section, set the Timeout: value to be 0.
Here are the considerations:

If you do not want to configure the idle timeout for the pool that has a given application, you can change it for all pools by going to the Applications panel and choosing Edit Per Pool.
If you do not want to configure it for a pool that has a given application, you can specify an idle timeout for

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