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My Macro button: Click to run macro which creates or modifies the snapshot
For others macro, set to No.
For others macro, set to Yes
For others macro, set to No
For others macro, set to Yes
For others macro, set to Yes
For others macro, set to No
For others macro, set to No
For others macro, set to No
For others macro, set to Yes
For others macro, set to Yes
For others macro, set to Yes
For others macro, set to Yes

My.Snapshot.Viewer.Caption= Snapshot Viewer
My.Snapshot.Viewer.Icon= Snaps
My.Snapshot.Viewer.Help.Caption= Snapshot Viewer
My.Snapshot.Viewer.Help.Icon= Help

Snapshot Viewer.Caption= Snapshot Viewer
Snapshot Viewer.Icon= Snapshots
Snapshot Viewer.Help.Caption= Snapshot Viewer
Snapshot Viewer.Help.Icon= Help
Snapshot Viewer.Tooltip.Caption= Snapshot Viewer
Snapshot Viewer.Tooltip.Icon= Help

Snapshot Viewer.Edit.Tooltip= Edit Snapshot
Snapshot Viewer.Details.Tooltip= Details Snapshot
Snapshot Viewer.Open.Tooltip= Open Snapshot
Snapshot Viewer.Close.Tooltip= Close Snapshot

Snapshot Viewer.Tooltip.Edit.Group= Snapshot Options
Snapshot Viewer.Tooltip.Edit.Group.Radio= Record Snapshot
Snapshot Viewer.Tooltip.Edit.Group.Snapshot= Snapshot Snapshot
Snapshot Viewer.Tooltip.Edit.Group.Image= Image Snapshot
Snapshot Viewer.Tooltip.Edit.Group.User= User Snapshot
Snapshot Viewer.Tooltip.Edit.Group.Drawing= Drawing Snapshot
Snapshot Viewer.Tooltip.Edit.Group.Chart= Chart Snapshot
Snapshot Viewer.Tooltip.Edit.Group.DB= Database Snapshot
Snapshot Viewer.Tooltip.Edit.Group.View= View Snapshot
Snapshot Viewer.Tooltip.Edit.Group.Form= Form Snapshot
Snapshot Viewer.Tooltip.Edit.Group.Report= Report Snapshot
Snapshot 384a16bd22

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– Hotkeys: M – windows to current desktop
E – windows to next desktop
A – windows to previous desktop
C – first hidden desktop
S – current desktop desktop #
D – last hidden desktop desktop #
H – last desktop desktop #
Sd – hidden desktop #
A: switch all windows to the current desktop, C: close down deskwin (hide all windows), M: make windows visible again, S: switch deskwin to current desktop (topmost) desktop.
Keycombos in this order will execute:
A, C, M, S

Keymacros that are not defined here will be executed as is.
Keycombos that are not defined in the Keymacro area will still work if you select a window and press the appropriate key.
C: close down deskwin (close down all windows), D: save desktop configuration

The entire Keymacro area can be edited directly from Deskwin’s window by using the edit keymacro button.

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Anonymous2 years ago

It’s nice but it doesn’t seem to work anymore. When the desktop is docked, it doesn’t stay on the current desktop after a restart. It comes back to the first desktop in the tab order. It seems to work okay with hotkeys, the mouse and keyboard keys.

Anonymous2 years ago

Agreed, I think deskwin’s got some problems with hotkey problems. The key macro A,C,D,E works great except A (but not Alt) is mapped to change desktop. A should change to the current desktop, C to the next, D to the previous, E to close.

Anonymous2 years ago

Bug #1 – when I try to drag the deskwin window to the left side of the screen to dock it, the dock icon flashes and I cannot dock the deskwin. Deskwin works fine when in

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