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Error in Getting Value of ListBox when using RemoteDataSource and simple ComboBox

I have an ItemsControl that is bound to a ListBox and is bound to a RemoteDataSource via an IMvxRemoteDataSource. The ListBox is working fine but whenever I try to get a value out of the ListBox, it always returns null.

public class MyViewModel : MvxViewModel
public IMvxRemoteDataSource LocalDataSource { get; set; }
public IMvxRemoteDataSource RemoteDataSource { get; set; }

public List Items { get; set; }
public string SelectedItem { get; set; }

When I do this, it works fine,
var myItem = (List)localDataSource.GetItem;

The second RemoteDataSource is what I am working with.
However, when I try the same thing with a combo box, it returns null.


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