Drum Vault € Silk Road (ElectraX Bank)

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Drum Vault € Silk Road (ElectraX Bank)

drum vault – silk road (electrax bank) drum kits – drum kits – atmospheric chill drum kits – atmospheric chill drum kits – atmospheric …
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Toshiko Kotohime – Atmospheric Chill Out Drum & Bass Drum Kits Vol.1 – 10
Artist: Toshiko Kotohime Title: Atmospheric Chill Out Drum & Bass Drum Kits Vol.1 – 10 Genre: Drum & Bass Format: MP3 Audio Bitrate: 320 Duration: 01:14:59
Atmospheric Ch


Lil Wayne – Tha Carter V (Cash Money)
ELECTRA – Elite Drum Kits Vol 2 (ElectraX Bank) Drumchick – Worldnwheel – Island of the Ark – Worldnwheel – Www.Weeb-Wav. Download the songs from this page in.WAV format free at freesound.org. You can download the WAV files and listen to them on your computer or run them directly on your audio.
Drum Vault – Silk Road (ElectraX Bank). Drum Vault – Renaissance (ElectraX Bank). Drum Vault – Silk Road (ElectraX Bank).
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The Ison Research Center provides background on religion, philosophical. The Arcane Society; The Ministry; Drum Vault; The Trap; The Vault.
Drum Vault – The Silk Road (ElectraX Bank). Drums. You can access, and print, them at any time by going to your account center by clicking.
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Can I move my post without being rude?

A few weeks ago I posted a question as a challenge to myself. I received almost no answers, and got downvotes that seemed to be somewhat unfair, as a fair amount of work went into the question. In addition, the community has decided that my question is considered “not answerable”.
Now I realize that it would probably have been impossible for me to solve the problem with my own limited knowledge of the topic, but I took the time to go through many articles, and still my question could have been useful to someone else.
In my defense, I don’t think that I was overly rude, as I did mention that I was a beginner with what I was asking, and I did state what I had understood from my readings.
My question is: should I delete it to prevent any possible problems in the future, or is there an acceptable way to move my question to another StackExchange site?


You could very well delete the question now and move it to another site, but leave a comment letting people know you’re going to close-vote and delete the question, as well


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