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DVD CD Burner ActiveX Crack Download

DVD CD Burner ActiveX Component lets you create, edit, and customize any type of media, whether it is an DVD or a CD, instantly.
The program has been written for programmers, to make this as simple as possible.
The program is built with Windows Forms components, in C#.NET.
Key Features:

Create, burn, erase, erase all, open, create a directory, set volume name, set a single file as an image (DVD), set a directory as image file (DVD), set volume name at the beginning of the CD, set to the finalize of the CD, get the reading drive, error, and other things.

Language: C#
License: GNU GPL
Platform: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

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So any C# or Java programmer can use this program to create and burn any type of CD/DVD media, fast and easy.

The following code comes with this version:
public void main()
string driveLetter;
int mediaType;
int eraserType;
string mediaName;
string workingDir;

CDR cd;
cd.Error = 0;
cd.FileFormat = 0;
cd.MediaType = 0;
cd.ParentDir = “/”;
cd.VolumeName = “”;
cd.VolumeNameB = “”;


//get your drive number (D: or C: )
if (m_rBtnBurnFile.Checked)
driveLetter = m_lbnBurnFile.Value;

DVD CD Burner ActiveX Activation Code Latest

DVD CD Burner ActiveX Component helps you to burn dvd & cd by using a wizard-like interface.
Conveniently use this component to create a DVD or a CD and write a data to it. A drag and drop method is used to let you drag and drop the files you want to burn.
The burned media will be displayed on a “Media Type” dropdown in the ‘ActiveX’ dialog box.
You can set the page size of the disk, and set the media type.
You can also use a duration in minutes, seconds, hours, days or months to set the total time of the burning process.
Programming tools such as Windows Explorer
Microsoft Visual C++.NET Framework, Excel, Crystal Reports, Access, Front Page, ASP, ASP.NET, SQL, BizTalk, Macro & VBA, HTML5, MHTML and much more.

Open source, documentation & full source code is available.

Features of DVD CD Burner ActiveX:
Set the file system, media type, progress percentage, and the total time of the burning process.
Fast, easy and convenient to use.
Drag and drop can save your time.


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DVD CD Burner ActiveX Keygen Free

– Easy to install.
– Automatic install for the system, without need to install dependency!
– Designed with full of efficiency, and a very fast burning speed.
– Support for JOLIET, ISO, UDF file systems.
– Support for MP3, WAV, AAC, AU, M4A, MKV, AVI, VOX file formats, and more.
– Support for multiple files, multiple directories, image files, MP3, AVI, VOX, MKV, WAV, AAC, AU, etc.
– Support for copy files.
– Support for get device information, and get the current drives.
– Support for get size of media, and set the current drive to the different type of media.
– Support for get progress, display the current progress, and set the background color to change.
– Support for get burn time, get burning progress, and set the delay to the progress.
– Support for get error, and set the error log for the error.
– Support for set the volume name, set the MDI ready, and set MDI enable.
– Support for write data to CD/DVD media.
– Support for get drivers, install the DVD/CD drivers automatically.
– Support for set the priority, clean the current drive, and set the driver on/off.
– Support for get CD/DVD title.
– Support for get CD/DVD media size, get the CD/DVD size.
– Support for add file, get add, and search.
– Support for auto recording.
– Support for MP3, WAV, AAC, AVI, VOX, MKV, FLAC, MID, MONKEY, MOD, S3M, MOD, XM, XMI, OGG, AC3, DTS, AAC, M4A, etc. file formats.
– Support for create and backup the file system.
– Support for get and set the current file system.
– Support for get and set the current file.
– Support for get and set the current directory.
– Support for burn directory, and make directories.
– Support for get the file name.
– Support for set the file/directory name.
– Support for get and set the directory reading and writing, and the write to the CD/DVD media.
– Support for get CD/DVD drives.
– Support for get CD

What’s New In?

In this article, we will discuss the features and usage of this ActiveX component.


Here’s an article about recording Java applets (and Flash animations) to DVD:


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System Requirements:

MediaTek MT6753
Android v5.1.1
This ROM has been tested and is working on Samsung Galaxy S6, HTC One M9, OnePlus 2, LG G4, and other popular devices.
Nexus 5 is not supported.
This ROM is based on stock Android 6.0.1 and is not for the Nexus 6.
Please make sure you have at least 50% battery on your device to make sure you will be able to

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