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Easy Hide-Unhide Activation Code is an utility that can help you unhide or reveal hidden files and folders. It allows you to perform the task quickly and without having to dive into the registry for your system settings. It also offers a set of easy to use tools, making it easier for you to find and modify your file and folder visibility status.
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Easy Hide-Unhide Crack Download

Easy Hide-Unhide is a free file hiding application. Easy Hide-Unhide can help you hide files and folders in Windows system.

Easy Hide-Unhide Features:
Easy Hide-Unhide can help you hide files and folders in Windows system. You can hide files or folders including Windows explorer, Windows file manager, Windows registry, system folders and others.

Easy Hide-Unhide can help you reach hidden files and folders easily.

For example, you can type your file name on the Quick Search bar and then press TAB to show and hide any files or folders whose names contain the file name in the search results. The search option can help you find files that you don’t know the file names of or such files with special characters like “&”, “””, “?”, etc.
Easy Hide-Unhide can help you quickly access the hidden files and folders. When you search for hidden files or folders, the results can be sorted by date, size, file name, extension or all.

How to use Easy Hide-Unhide?

Right-Click the file or folder you want to change to hidden or visible
After opening the newly created folder or file, you can easily change its visibility status

Easy Hide-Unhide Note:

Easy Hide-Unhide can only change the visibility status of files and folders, such as “hidden”, “system”, “read only” and others. You cannot change their permissions.
The folder structure of the new folder or file you are creating will be displayed in the finder window (or file manager) after the operation is finished.
You cannot change the visibility of a file or folder in the root folder of your computer.

Easy Hide-Unhide Article

Find the file manager on your windows computer
This video will show how to find the file manager in your computer.

Click on the taskbar and wait for the program to pop up
This video shows the simplest way of finding the file manager

Click the file manager and hover over the file or folder you want to hide
This video shows how to find a file or folder by name

Press the CTRL + h keys to make the file or folder visible or invisible
This video shows how to change the file or folder’s visibility by pressing the CTRL + H keys

Close the file or folder you opened
This video shows how to close the file or folder you opened, and return to the program

Easy Hide-Unhide Crack+

• The application is compatible with.Net Framework 4.5
• You can find hidden files and folders that are not normally visible when browsing your computer
• The current visibility status of your files, folders and drives can be easily checked or modified
• The application is very easy to use and does not require a deep understanding of how your operating system works
• It’s a handy file revealing tool to access files that are normally hidden and blocks the process of revealing them
• The application can be used as a security measure for some cases
Note: EasyHideUnhide.exe can be used either by right-clicking it on your desktop, or by dragging & dropping it onto the Jump List of Windows Explorer.

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What’s New in the?

You can hide files and folders. Most of the time files are hidden for a reason. Other times though, it’s just that you don’t like to see them.
Easy Hide-Unhide can help. It allows you to control your files and folders from the comfort of your desktop.
* Hides/unhides files and folders that are normally hidden.
* Easily control visibility status of files and folders.
* File tree view.
* Sort and filter.
* Special search abilities.
* Can show files that normally cannot be seen.
* Can find and remove or hide malicious files.
* Can set an alarm on your behalf.
* Can configure the way you see the file tree.
* Can be integrated into Windows Explorer.
* The app is free of any adverts or hidden content.
Technical Details:
File tree view is a core feature of the program. It means that when you need to find a particular file or folder, you can just open up its’ tree view and pick out what you need.
File view is also supported. This means that you can easily change the way files are displayed on the screen, making it easier for you to browse through certain files and folders.
Hiding files and folders is achieved via a simple and intuitive process, which can be completed in a couple of clicks.
Additionally, you can run a special file search to find any hidden or not visible files that you have access to.
Moreover, you can easily set the alarm on your behalf. It can be configured to sound whenever a particular file is opened up.
Lastly, you can quickly and easily remove malicious files that are stored on your computer.
Easy Hide-Unhide is a free application that has been tested and approved by users. More importantly, the application does not contain any adverts, popups, or hidden content.
Please follow this details for more information on Easy Hide-Unhide Help and Support

How to Hide or Unhide Files:
How to Get Rid of Background Programs (Mac OS X Only):
How to Hide Files and Folders in Windows 7:

System Requirements For Easy Hide-Unhide:

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