! ! ! Elvis Presley – Complete Discography (67 Albums) Torrent


! ! ! Elvis Presley – Complete Discography (67 Albums) Torrent

around 12:00 roughly on the main cd of the two together, the brothers dutifully sing a song described as a revisiting of a song from of 1968s flaming star (false, the song is repeated in the live albums still on top – the best of 1976 and king of rock ‘n roll: 50th anniversary). here the sound is a little iffy and i can clearly hear a voice (presumably elvis’s) skipping over the bars on a couple of occasions. there is only one song on here, however, and that is of course the great fool if you think i ain’t #1 from the 1959 they call me the sheriff album. of all the songs here, this one stands out the most as it really sounds as if elvis has given it some attention before the session. i cannot imagine, though, why the brothers were chosen as the two backup vocalists rather than someone more appealing or professional than us.

the first of the eight main cds comes to an end with one song from the album too late now, originally released in 1975. presley had been experimenting with latin rhythms in the mid-1970s and too late now was an album that mixed his more refined and sophisticated material with hispanic influences. it was a favourite in the 1970s, and has been reissued several times since. it was on this album, rather than on the too late now 1981 special edition that the six original tracks were included from that album, as well as one other new track.

too late now also contains two of the best guitar performances from the early 1970s, one of which is the crescendo-fuelled guitar instrumental track sparks. the second song here is the title track, an excellent mid-tempo ballad that has had a regular place in elvis’s set. it is sung in spanish and has always been one of his favorites and i think he gave it a wonderful performance here.

the critics certainly panned its aftermath, contending that much was in fact removed from the set. there were supposed to be 67 lps in the set with three aftermatts – but only 60 were in the box set. the rumors went that capitol records had traded some of its best lps away to shout! records for a little cash.
if you want to hear what the original studio versions sounded like (rather than with the overdubs that the record companies add, and even overdubs which only sound like that to them), then this is the box set to get. if you want to hear elvis sing live, then you wont be disappointed. but at times the songs taken out of the box set are missing that extra something they had in their original version.
but that doesnt take away from this release. it is very enjoyable to hear many of elvis songs in their all too often ignored original versions. there are new liner notes to explain some of the changes and the influences that campbell brought to the versions of the songs. as a bonus, there is an anthology of songs elvis recorded for his labels smash records and rca records. it is billed as the g80, and includes songs not found on the original box set, or other box sets, including lucky and his first single. also included are the 5 original videos that he released. there are some improvements on some of the others. there are more spoken word vocal breaks in the voice-overs by elvis. and there are a few songs that are included as a single version rather than as a double version (eg., youre a star) to extend the box sets length.
but the strongest component to this box set is the rather enjoyable live recordings and the quality of the sound is excellent. but, of course, we are talking about elvis here. it isnt just the music, it is the love, the moment, the elvis’s demeanor. this is a great tribute to this great artist. it is better than most boxed sets put together over the years.


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