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It was a slow, with time you would say, winning streak. The Wildcats stepped on the field against Louisiana-Monroe and scored a football touchdown to blow it open and take their first home win since September 6, 2016. In the end, Alabama’s offense had so much more to play for than Louisiana-Monroe’s.


The Wildcats jump-started the game on offense. They were able to get into the end zone on their first possession, thanks to a Nick Fitzgerald rush to go in from three yards.

After Alabama’s offense was able to get on the board in the first quarter, the defense kept the pressure on and forced another Alabama turnover with a touchdown interception, this time by the defensive end.

Kentucky’s offense was able to move well on the field, scoring two more touchdowns.

The first was a Fitzgerald pass to Jordan Jones from 11 yards out. It looked like the drive was going to take forever, but it ended with an Alabama turnover.

The last score came with just over three minutes left in the half, a 35-yard Kenny Totten TD run to give Kentucky a 24-7 lead.

The Wildcats


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Is there a ruby equivalent to this python list comprehension?

I am trying to use regular expressions to match a given string against all the possible regular expressions and pick the one that matches the longest match. I know this is not very efficient, but I was working with code from the pysty gem, which has this code
def first(regex)
puts “Searching for: #{regex}”
regex_list = []
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regex_list 2

You can also use (?s-)

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