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Extra Clock is a small desktop enhancement program that helps you place a digital or analogue clock on your screen, set up alarms, and use a calendar.
User-friendly layout
Extra Clock automatically reveals a clock on your screen, which can be moved to the desired area of the desktop. You can access the program’s functions by performing a right-click mouse operation on the clock or utility’s icon from the system tray.
Customizing the clock
Extra Clock gives you the possibility to place a digital or analogue clock or reveal both clocks, change the background image by selecting from different preset options, show the date, as well as choose between different clock styles (various colors).
Calendar and alarms
The tool lets you open up a small calendar that comes bundled with basic features, as you may go to the previous or next month and jump to the current date.
When it comes to setting up a new alarm, you can specify a custom time (in minutes) and date, play preset sound notifications or upload an audio file (WAV or MP3 file format) from your computer, test the sound, as well as shut down, reboot, or power off the computer or log off the current user.
Last but not last, you can tweak several parameters for changing the color of the arrows embedded in the analogue clock, alter the date color, adjust the opacity and size of the clock, pick the date format, run the utility at Windows startup, as well as make the clock stay on top of other tools.
Bottom line
To sum things up, Extra Clock proves to be a simple-to-use yet efficient clock and time management program, and is suitable for all types of users, regardless of their experience.







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– Works for all Windows editions.
– It comes with a nice and well-organized interface.
– You can find the clock under the Programs menu.
– This program offers you a few different types of digital or analogue clocks.
– You may move the clock to the desired position.
– You can use the program to set the date and time as well as create new alarms.
– You can choose from different wallpaper images.
– You can use the program to shut down, reboot, and power off the computer.
– You can open up a small calendar and manage the date.
– You can pick the date format.
– You can tweak the sound settings of the sound notifications.
– You may change the color of the arrows embedded in the analogue clock.
– You can choose a number of clock colors.
– The program supports English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.
– The program is free to download.
– You can download it from the program’s official site.
– You can install and run it from the software center.
– The program is compatible with versions 10, 8, 7, Vista, and Windows XP.
– You can find the latest version under Software Updates on the program’s official site.
– It doesn’t require Microsoft.NET framework.

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Our review of Extra Clock.

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Extra Clock [Latest] 2022

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What’s New In Extra Clock?

Add a clock to your desktop or set up an alarm.
Digital Clock:
Clock with a selectable color scheme, a changeable date format, a persistent clock widget and an adjustable size.
Analogue Clock:
Clock with a selectable color scheme, a changeable date format, a persistent clock and an adjustable size.
Calendar & Alarm:
A compact calendar with a date picker, a selectable folder for past and future dates, a preview view for the current date, an option to go to the previous month and date and an option to jump to the next month and date. An alarm functionality includes a user-friendly GUI and a set of presets. Extra Clock can play custom sounds when alarms and clocks are triggered.

This review is from: Extra Clock 6.0 1.1.0 Multilingual (Free Download)

Pros:Good program and easy to use. Helps you to get your time from Google, Google Alerts and to make a calendar

Cons:It lacks some features

Ease of use:10



Value for money:10

by: David

Full review on September 22, 2005

I purchased Extra Clock 6.0 Version 1.1.0 Multilingual for my PC running Windows XP Sp2.

I used Extra Clock 3.0.7 I believe that is the version for Windows Vista and I think that it was very similar. So if you’re used to that version, Extra Clock will not pose a problem for you. But if you have downloaded this program for use with Windows XP (or other operating systems), then you will need to learn a few new tricks. But it will not be too difficult.

Extra Clock already has a good facility for display of the time, including day and night mode. The program also has many features for setting alarms and even a compact calendar, all of which are easy to use.

First of all, you can set any date by scrolling the calendar. You will find that even the old wind-up watches have no problem adjusting to the date that you are after. You can also set the time by scrolling the time indicator bar. The daylight saving time can be handled in this program. So I suppose the program will meet all your needs for the adjustment of time in the year. You can also change the colors of the windows, background and even the clock itself. The dial can be made

System Requirements:

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So if you have a fairly powerful computer, it should run just fine.
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To be clear: I don’t think this game is a good choice for the modern day player.
It’s been a while since I’ve played the game, but the old game needed a 64bit processor

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