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Flash From The Bowery

A Flash from the Bowery is a book by American writer and publisher Clarence ‘Flash’ Stanley, published in New York in 1924. It is a collection of over 300 illustrations of tattoo designs from the late 19th century to the first half of the 20th century, including photographs taken by Stanley himself and work by illustrators such as Earl Williams, Harry Jones, S. F. Morse, C. W. Riggs, and T. Mark Davis. A collection of 19th century photographs illustrating American tattoo art.

Many of the tattoos in the book are ornamental: for example, hundreds of images of a 19th-century commercial version of a dog’s tongue, called “flash”, in which one’s name is inscribed on the back of a dog’s tongue (Stanley was fond of dogs and horseracing). The book was intended as a marketing promotion and is sometimes mistakenly referred to as the “Tattoo Bible”.

The book includes around 3,000 illustrations of tattoos, drawn in black and/or sepia and ranging from life-size to very small, and is notable in that it is the first published work dedicated solely to tattoo.

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Bowery Flash Floss
Drawing on the New York City Bowery in a seedy section of Manhattan, you may feel like walking in the footsteps of a real Bowery bum rather than sitting at the city’s most trendy tattoo shop. You could even find your own way into the city’s notorious and infamous red light district, the Bowery. You’ll be surrounded by New York’s “living history of crime and death,” as immortalized in song and legend. The Bowery is not an exotic retreat, but it is a place where you’ll be comfortable, not intimidated. New York’s Bowery is unlike any other place in the world – you might find an actual cockroach in your coffee, or a sign at a bodega offering fresh ice-cream and a selection of greeting cards. A nod to the city’s history, The Bowery Flash experience will begin with a ride in a mint green 1908 Studebaker-Inwood. This vehicle is the first car to be used in the production of The Bowery Flash film. We’ll navigate the Bowery in a rickshaw (for real!). A motorman will lead the way, switching on the neon Bowery Flash sign by 10th Avenue and Delancey Street. You’ll roll into the Old Root Beer Garden (built in 1886 as a soda fountain), where you’ll receive a tattoo of the Bowery Flash sign to commemorate your visit. Here is a taste of a brief tour of the Bowery Flash.

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