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Free Temp File Cleaner is a reliable and intuitive piece of software that can assist you in getting your computer’s temporary folders into shape, by removing old and unnecessary items from them, in just a few mouse clicks, saving up significant disk space.
Straightforward and novice-friendly interface
The application’s clear-cut looks make it very simple to handle from the first try, its self-explanatory functions leaving nothing for you to wonder about.
In the main window of Free Temp File Cleaner, you can find all of its configurable options and settings, while the ‘Log’ tab will inform you about each and every item removed from your computer.
Effortlessly clean all your temporary files and folders
Firstly, you will need to indicate which data types to delete from your temp folders, the program being able to target, aside from your operating system’s regular directories, your browsers as well: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox.
As such, you can delete ‘Windows Temp Files’, ‘User Temp Files’, ‘Update Caches’, ‘Recent Documents’, ‘Logs’, ‘ChkDsk File Fragments’, ‘CD / DVD Burning Temp’, ‘Recycle Bin’ or ‘Restore Points’. From your browsers, Free Temp File Cleaner can remove the ‘Cache’, ‘History’ or ‘Cookies’, letting you choose them individually.
You can then press the ‘Start’ button and the utility will analyze the number of files and the amount of space they consume, erasing them entirely and freeing your your hard disk. The operation is further detailed in the ‘Log’ tab.
A handy temporary data remover
To summarize, Free Temp File Cleaner is a practical and efficient application that can successfully tidy up your system and web browsers by removing the useless files they store, freeing up space and potentially reducing their sluggish response speed.

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Free Temp File Cleaner

Free Temp File Cleaner is the utility designed to complete the cleanup of Temp folders on your PC with very ease. With the help of this application, you will be able to properly delete unnecessary files you have installed on your Windows system, allowing you to reclaim huge hard drive space in no time.
The thing about the Temp folders is that, they seem to get bigger and more numerous, but they are designed to hold temporary information that Windows needs to function correctly. However, when you install too many files on them, they become too big and start to slow down your system. As such, it is very important to delete them from time to time.
Free Temp File Cleaner will do just that, as it allows you to easily search and remove Temp files by type. However, it is also able to clean up your browsers’ TEMP folders, as well as the Windows TEMP folder.
For those using Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox, you can also delete the Cache, History, Cookies, or even the log file. You can also opt for the “Recycle Bin”, which can be cleared from the main menu. The main window allows you to see the number of files that will be deleted from your system.
When you click on the “Start” button, the program will scan all the files present on your TEMP folder, one by one, allowing you to select the ones that you wish to be deleted. You can easily skip any unwanted file you want, or even the entire folder itself.
It supports free software!
File Cleaner Free TEMP Cleaner is an easy to use and intuitive program that can clean you system’s temporary files by deleting any unwanted and enormous files in just a few mouse clicks.
Free Temp File Cleaner Version History:
Version 2.0.1 – June 13, 2019
– fixed issue with multiple tasks running
– ability to clean Browser history via context menu
– fixed crash in IE 11
Version 2.0 – June 9, 2019
– fixed crash when opening program
– simplified button labels
– more compact interface
– bug fixes
– cleaned up code
– fixed memory leak
Version 2.0.1 – June 13, 2019
– fixed issue with multiple tasks running
– ability to clean Browser history via context menu
– fixed crash in IE 11
Version 2.0 – June 9, 2019
– fixed crash when opening

Free Temp File Cleaner Full Version

Unwanted or expired temporary files accumulate over time and can quickly fill up your hard drive. They waste valuable hard drive space and cause your PC to run slower. Free Temp File Cleaner deletes these temporary files automatically to clean up your hard drive and speed up your PC. Additionally, Free Temp File Cleaner can free up space in the recycle bin and other Windows temp folders on your hard drive.

Set your selection criteria for temp files to be cleaned up.

Exclude the temp folders to be cleaned from your setting.

Deletes the files or folder you’ve selected.

Runs in the background, cleaning up your temp files while you do other tasks.

Saves reports about what’s been cleaned.

Configurable settings to allow you to specify what temp files to delete.

Supports Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.

Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

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B. This is one of the worst Windows utility I’ve seen. When I tried it, Windows Explorer crashed while I was trying to find some folders to delete.

C. This is nice utility, although if it tries to clean your temp folders while you are using that folder, you have to manually stop it or it can cause serious problems. It’s in the “System Restore” folder, so it can cause problems for your computer. It will start deleteing files from other folders like “HTML” and “Media” and then you will have to manually stop the program.

D. It is free, but if you use “Old versions” you will see what it is like.

E. It will remove all of your Windows temp files and save space on your hard drive.

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Great program

This was one of those programs I had an odd feeling I shouldn’t buy, and then I did, and I haven’t regretted it at all. I get so much better performance out of the computer, it’s almost like I’ve gotten a 100 point hard drive.

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Great app

Cleared a ton of Temp files and saved

What’s New in the?

System Requirements:

Memory: 512MB
OS:Any Processor
Memory: 512MBAny ProcessorGraphics:
Video RAM: 512MB
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