Transactions are risky, so it's recommended to keep good track of where and how your money travels. Nowadays it's easily done thanks to the abundance of gadgets and applications that help us take notes and create databases with custom entries. For small businesses or personal transactions, FreeDebks provides a simple environment in which you can create charts and balance sheets for your accounts.
Simple design quickly gets you up and running
Visually speaking, the application poses no accommodation problems, with your workspace being split in multiple tabs so you can quickly access charts, journal entries and search results. Moreover, creation tools are found in an upper toolbar and adding entries has you work in a dedicated window. If you want to use the application on the go, there's also a portable version you can download.
Poor support for data files
However, the application is pretty shallow in terms of features. Import options limit you to the application specific file format or XML if your data is organized, while the only addition to export options is the possibility to print data sheets via a connected printer.
Quick and easy way to add data
Before any tools can be used, you need to set up an account, which only takes several seconds. Requirement fields need to be filled with accounting label, currency symbol, target date, corporation name and logo, as well as accountant name. However, you can change these values anytime.
At the press of a button, a new field becomes editable in the default tab, which stands for accounts chart. Adding values is easy and you just have to edit corresponding fields like id, label, balance and whether or not it's found on the balance sheet.
Far from being a pro
Entries can be grouped together to form complex tree structures, depending on your needs and types of transactions. The same goes for the other two tabs, which represent a journal and calculus result. All of them are based on a table view, with the same creation process but different requirement fields.
Sadly, the set of features ends here, with no implemented function to generate reports, which is a major disappointment since you work with time and money related data values. What's more, you cannot keep well track of your funds, because of the lack of automated calculus tools, the application only showing values you manually add.
A few last words
On an ending note, FreeDebks doesn't really live up to expectations because of the poor set of features it comes equipped with. The overall creation process in design are intuitive enough, with little time required to set up a database, but limited import and export options cut out a great deal of practicality, as well as the absence of a report tool.


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Download —> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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FreeDebks offers simple accounting that is visually pleasing and intuitive, but for a completely free application, the lack of functionality is glaring.

If You Liked FreeDebks, You’ll Love FreeMoney

If you like analyzing and managing financial data for small and medium sized businesses, FreeMoney is your software. With a clean and easy to use interface that places the focus on analytical functions, your data is at hand. And while it might not be the top-rated application in our editorial, it still makes an excellent choice for a small business that has just started calculating.
For tracking incoming and outgoing transactions, there’s an interface that will help you quickly take a look at your daily cash flow. As soon as you enter your business details, you can print your bank statement or create a customized Google Chart of your balance sheet and income statement.
An added benefit to using an application designed for small businesses, like FreeMoney, is that there’s not a lot of clutter. The application is very minimalist, using only the elements of financial data and controls you need.
Creating Data
When working with FreeMoney, your task is to add an entry to a table. Each transaction type has its own set of requirements, including name and description of the transaction, the account used, the date and time and the amount itself. Any other optional data value can be set up, such as the amounts paid to creditors, wages of employees, accounting label, etc.
Each data value is represented by a small box, and when you’re entering one, you can simply click on the box to add it to the transaction, or enter it directly. Quick as the whole creation process is, you’ll be able to quickly test it out by looking at the proof of payment in the ‘Transaction receipts’ tab.
With the application working from the database that is created when you start your own business, once you add all the transactions for a given period, you can simply print your statements at any time. If you like a more visual confirmation of your daily income and expenses, you can go ahead and create a Google Chart that shows information like the increase of your monthly income or daily expense as a relative value.
There’s no way you can go wrong with FreeMoney. Simple creation tools, an easy to use interface and a comprehensive set of analytical functions are all bundled in the application, making it a great choice for small businesses that want to start monitoring their finances.

There are so many software out there to choose from. They

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This is the FreeDebks Windows application to keep an eye on your business accounts and finances in one place. With reports and in depth analysis you’ll always be able to stay on top of how well you’re running.
Key Features:
– Visual charts
– Custom reports
– Highlighted fields
– Full source code available
– Import data from various accounting software
– Daily, weekly and monthly data analysis
– Analysis of transactions
– Table based database
– Online help
FreeDebks Latest Version:

FreeDebksPortable Latest Version:

FinancesBalancing my budget is an essential part of managing my small business. It’s also important to keep an eye on how I’m spending my personal money. But with my budget spread out across both my personal and business accounts, I often find myself in a situation where I can’t really afford to make any changes…some of them will actually save me money.
Here are 5 ways you can change your personal finances to better suit your business needs:
Automate Expenses. It’s good to have business and personal expenses automatically deducted from your account. If you keep a record of your purchases, the app will be able to identify what can be categorized and billed to your business and what is personal. At the same time, there are ways to automate payments of bills so you never run out of money.
Organize Your Creditors. It’s always a good idea to have your credit cards, loans and personal lines of credit under control. First, you can pay your bills on time, and second, you can budget without worry. Having all of your balances in one place will help you to budget the upcoming months and pay your debts off the most quickly.
Get Real-Time Visibility. Most personal finance managers keep a ledger in a notebook and use it for budgeting. If you don’t have this notebook at hand, you may need a tool that can provide you real-time insights. Apps like Personal Capital allow you to track your net worth, analyze your investments and get real-time updates about your financial life. You can connect most major bank accounts in Personal Capital and track them all in one spot

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Powerful and safe accounting tool designed for free use by both personal and business users. De-Jobs and De-Claws all data from native Windows-based and standalone-based database files, and also processes binary files. De-Claws can be used for database backup. De-Claws is fully compatible with major database files produced by MS-SQL, Oracle, MySQL and MS-Access. De-Claws is fully compatible with major database files produced by MS-SQL, Oracle, MySQL and MS-Access. Download it now!Q:

Confused with that my custom dialog gets refreshing

i have created a custom dialog from the resources in my app. But the problem is that whenever i press the button i want to pop this dialog up it gets refreshing,the background image also gets cleared and it shows the background image again, what could be the problem here.
here is the code:

What’s New in the?

FreeDebks is an accounting software for small businesses with many features available, including an intuitive user interface, allowing you to generate charts and balance sheets for your accounts quickly and easily. It’s also portable, meaning you can work on the go via a smartphone or PC. With FreeDebks, you can keep track of your business finances. 6 years ago

Publisher’s Description

Total Datacal is a powerful program for business owners and accountants.

Easy to use
Total Datacal will help you to automatically calculate Income/Sales, Expenses/Income, Fixed Assets/Sales, Payroll/Income and receivable/payable. It also offers a very easy to use Excel-like interface for entering transactions.

High Efficiency
Total Datacal is a very time saving accounting program. For example, when you enter a single transaction, it automatically creates a new transaction and shows its total immediately.

Works on all devices!
Total Datacal can run on the desktop, on the iPhone or iPad, on the iPod Touch or on a Mac.

Multiple Charts
Total Datacal can show your transactions in many different ways: as a balance sheet, a profit/loss chart, a P&L chart, a sales report, a cash report or a fixed assets report.

Data Export
Total Datacal can export your data from its internal database in many different formats, with or without links to the transactions.

Online Help
Total Datacal provides a Help option to get answers to your questions. You can also request online support.

Here is a Free Trial version available for evaluation purposes. The program can be downloaded from your account within a few minutes after you register your trial account.

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